County Records


Rules For Claiming County Records

A county record score can be claimed:

(The Shoot)
1.a) If the score has been recorded at an open tournament, where the entry form is freely available from the organising club or organisation.
1.b) If the score has been recorded at a closed invitational shoot, such as a county or regional team match or the UK Masters.
1.c) If the score has been recorded at a club target day, when both the date and round have been previously stated to both the current county secretary and records officer, no less than 5 days before the shoot. Changes to the stated round can be made up until the day before the shoot takes place. Records won’t be accepted for stated rounds changed on the day of or after the shoot.
1.d) If there are at least 5 archers in total also competing at the shoot and listed on a results sheet. Not all archers listed on the results need to be shooting the stated round but, only records claimed under the stated round or family of rounds will be accepted. For example if the stated rounds are Nationals, then any National round will qualify ie New National, National 50 etc. If the stated round is specifically stated as for example a WA 70m, then only records claimed for that round will be accepted.
1.e) If the shoot has taken place no more than 6 months before the claim is submitted.

(The Score)
2.a) If the score is witnessed and signed by at least one other person sharing the same target face or same boss.
2.b) If the score has been recorded correctly onto a score sheet which clearly states; the archers full name. the date, the round, the archers category and sex, the archers age group where applicable, the archers club, and the score. The NCAS records officer does not need to see the original scoresheet as part of the claim, but may request a copy of it.
2.c) If the score has been recorded onto a final results sheet published online and so being made freely available from the organising club or organisation.
2.d) If the score was achieved at a shoot run to ArcheryGB or World Archery (WA) rules regarding sighters/practice and multiple rounds.
2.e) If the score is higher numerically than the previous record. A higher known number of hits and golds will not count.

In the event of two separate scores being submitted for the same record, the higher score carrying the earliest date will count.

County Record claims can only be accepted and ratified when submitted via the online claim form with all the requested information supplied. The PDF version of the form which would have been submitted by post is no longer available.

One claim form must be submitted per score being claimed, even when more than one record has be achieved in one round or event.

Clubs sending several records at once must also submit one record per claim form.
The form must be accompanied by a copy of the results sheet from the tournament. The records officer may request a copy of the original signed and witnessed score sheet. Especially for scores achieved at club target day competitions.

If you have any questions about claiming county records, please contact the NCAS County Records Officer.