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AGB age groups from January 2023
Including NCAS junior indoor age groups as introduced in October 2013.
eg. 1st July 2010
eg. 12 years old
Found on your ArcheryGB membership card
eg. Portsmouth
Your score
The current record score. If the score is vacant put 'new score'
eg. 27th January 2024
eg. Archers of Raunds Open Portsmouth
For scores achieved at 'Organised Club Target Day (Registered)' shoots, the record claim must come from the club officer, not from the individual archer.
The club must also state a named target captain or judge on the results. The results must be accompanied by a copy of the claimed scoresheet, clearly signed by the archer, scorer AND also by the target captain or judge.
Please supply the web link. If you only have the results as file, please email it to web@ncasarchery.org.uk
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