Who was Ivy Keating?

The Ivy Keating county team match between Northamptonshire & Bedfordshire is coming up soon on 20th May. Pat Comber shares a bit of information about the origins of the shoot for the younger members of both counties who might not know who Ivy Keating was.  
“Ivy Keating was a member of Bedfordshire before moving to Rushden and joining Wellingborough Open Archery Club. She came to many of the local shoots with other club members, and had a tale to tell about every nook and cranny of Bedfordshire. Her husband had worked on the Airships at Cardington. Affectionately known as “mum” ,  she had been introduced to archery by her son who worked at RAE Thurleigh.  He would come down to the ladies line and ask “how is it going mum”, so everyone called her that.
After she died, the two counties wanted to have some kind of permanent reminder, and over a season put raffle money into a fund to buy the original Ivy Keating Trophy as an award for the annual Intercounty match between our counties.

The picture of Ivy is from when the club was “camping” on waste ground on the Finedon Road Industrial Estate in the 1970`s.”

Pat Comber

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