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“I completed my beginners course in 2018 and quickly learned that I love a competition in that first outdoor season. ❤️🏹”

“Then moved into indoors where I found the vegas round which ticked all my OCD happy boxes!!”

“But I hated indoors – so come 2019 I decided to join a virtual league and every season VAL has motivated me to shoot through the winter. 🙃”

Over the years I have found many archers don’t enjoy indoors but see it as a necessity and I always recommend the Virtual Archery League to anyone who wants some fun or a little motivation for the indoor season, they in turn have shared the league with others.”

“It’s helped me immensely over the years when I would really prefer to just stay outside 😂 such as last winter when I chose to concentrate on my dad and family as he was terminally ill, I could barely shoot but that need to have a score every month so me find time for some shooting, helping my mental health and it also helped me get my C classification – finally. 🤪 “

“This winter has been about decisions and changes to keep me shooting with the issues in my hand, basically starting fresh.”

“It saw me placed in compound division 5 with my entry scores but yet again it motivated me to shoot arrows – I got a PB in the Portsmouth!! And finally broke that 550 limit for the next badge by shooting a 551!”

“And I have earned 1st place in my division so now I have a gold medal, the first medal I have earned in the years of taking part.”

“But this is very much more a thank you to those that keep the league going every year and to my archery family for motivating me to keep shooting, I often tell everyone that Northamptonshire has the best county squad and I stand by that!! We are not just a group of people who get chosen to attend a competition but day in day out, year after year our county archers support each other on and off the range, many of us face changes over time, me more than most I think 🫣 but the support of the squad is always there. ❤️🏹 “

23/24 season VAL saw:

– 24 archers from across the county in fact, across all 4 bow styles

– 3 compound, 14 recurve, 5 barebow and 2 longbow

Well done to everyone but especially to those archers who earned a medal 🏅😎

8 of us in total from Northamptonshire – 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

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Helen Sharpe


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