The Royal Toxophilite Society

Hi County Archers

Just to let you know that some of you may receive an invite from the ‘The Royal Toxophilite Society’ you may be asked to shoot on behalf of either of the following companies.

( and

Also just so there is clarification the only part I have to play within this is outlined in the below.

‘Since it is the wish of the Companies that a selection of the best archers in the country should compete for their Prizes I would be most grateful if you could assist me by sending me the names and email addresses of the top six ladies, top six gentlemen and the top disabled archers in your county shooting recurve and compound style bows during 2014.’

I will pass details on to the organisers of this event and they will in turn contact the archers directly, I thought I should let you know so you will all be aware that the mail isn’t a junk mail, spam..

In the past we as a county or as my role as County captain have not been approached to put names forward, this has only started to happen recently, before this was carried out by EMAS so I hope some of you are asked to represent the county previous archers who have attended enjoyed the event.

Good luck and please let me know if you have been asked, as Im trying to get you all an invite at some point.

More information on The Royal Toxophilite Society can be found on their


Martin Ross
Long suffering team captain

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