The Chris Mason Celebration League

The Chris Mason Celebration Trophy League (adults) is now 6 shoots old and we already have a few front runners, see the current top twenty table (full table available in the league section of this website).

The league was launched at the Kettering Chris Mason Memorial Indoor shoot 2015 and will end at the Northamptonshire County Outdoor Championships 2016, all County archers who take part in any open shoot throughout the County are automatically entered and the points system has been designed so that all archers can compete against each other fairly, irrespective of bow type or gender and a trophy will be presented to the winner at the County AGM. Full rules are available in the league page of this website. A junior version of the League is also being developed by Tim Bull and details will follow shortly.

To make the gathering of various scores it would be very helpful if:
1. Clubs send the results of their competitions through to the County Website ASAP
2. Archers are marked as ‘County’ on the results sheet
3. Full names are used on results sheets (as some people have the same initial and surname)

Further information and rules can be found here.

C.MASON LEAGUE 15/16.xls

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