EMAS Senior Squad Event

On Sunday 27th November, East Midlands Archery Society invited each of the counties in the region to send five of it’s senior county team members to a gathering at Bingham Leisure Centre.

The event organised by EMAS Coaching Organiser Jim Johnson, was originally the idea of EMAS Chairman Alan Staples who sadly passed away earlier this year. For several years there has been a junior EMAS squad system in place, with regular coaching sessions, and a couple of annual tournaments. But there hasn’t been anything organised for an EMAS senior squad since the 1980’s.

For the event, Northamptonshire sent Lizzie Cantopher (ladies recurve), Dean Edwards (gents recurve), James Mason (gents recurve), Jude Hall (ladies compound) and Gary Hall (gents compound).

After a short talk and introduction by Jim, the group shot a Bray I together if they wished and were encouraged to discuss with each other what they wanted to see EMAS doing and the potential for a future senior squad system. EAF Representative Les Smeaton also gave a short talk about the role of the English Archery Federation.

At the end of the session Jim thanked everyone for coming, saying he was encouraged by the feedback and would look at organising something else in the new year and hopefully work up some ideas for a senior squad.

“On behalf of the county archers who attended, we’d like to thank EMAS and Jim for organising an enjoyable event, and we look forward to seeing what happens in the future.”
Dean Edwards

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