Archery GB Youth Festival Week – Archie & Rebecca Pick Up Medals

Archery GB Youth Festival Week – Archie & Rebecca Pick Up Medals

This years Archery GB Youth Festival Week ran from 26th to 30th July. The team and individual finals were live streamed over the course of the event.

Archie Bromley of Archers of Raunds claimed Silver in the U18 Mixed Team and Bronze in the U18 Gents Team. He also claimed both golds in the Level 1 Unofficial Round Robins.

Archie was also asked to do the commentary for the live stream on Saturday’s finals afternoon giving him experience of public speaking and gaining confidence.

Rebecca Stevens of Towcester Archers claimed Silver in the U21 Ladies Team event.

Many congratulations to them both!

The full results can be found on

Spaces available for NCAS Charity Shoot at Towcester Archers

Spaces available for NCAS Charity Shoot at Towcester Archers

Towcester Archers have spaces available this Sunday afternoon 4th July, for anyone wanting to take part in the NCAS Charity Shoot, and help to raise money for Cransley Hospice.

It’s £10 minimum donation for the session. And a choice to shoot single or double 3 doz Metric rounds.

18m for junior and novice archers
30m (Frostbite) or 50m for everyone else
80cm face
1pm sighters

Venue is their temporary field at Dadford Road Campsite near Silverstone Circuit.

Email Dean for further details:

Towcester Archers First Club Session

Towcester Archers First Club Session

“After a lot of hard work and patience, we finally had our very first shooting session together as a club, on the morning of Sunday 2nd August 2020.

Literally just three weeks ago, we were very close to knocking the idea of a 2020 start on the head. Very little seemed to be going our way, with only a few months left of the outdoor season, and very little possibility of finding a suitable indoor venue during current restrictions, it was starting to seem pointless. A sensible pause and wait, until the ground works are finally complete next year, allowing us start the club properly at our permanent Towcestrians range.

Thankfully, an opportunity to use Dadford Road Campsite came along for us at just the right time. Despite the added complication of the spectatorless Grand Prix being held at Silverstone on the same first two weekends, and possible access restrictions, our first session took place.

The afternoon before was spent putting the target stands together, measuring out and marking the field with the distances and shooting lanes, in order to comply with current Archery GB guidance for shoot under social distancing.

A big thank you to all involved in getting us here, to the clubs who have donated their time and spare equipment, and to our new members for making this possible.”

Dean Edwards
Chair – Towcester Archers

An update on the new club, Towcester Archers

An update on the new club, Towcester Archers

“After a few months of not having too much to report in terms of updates, we now have a much better idea of when we hope to get the club started. And it’s good news…!

This afternoon we had a catch up meeting with Towcestrians Sports Club, and firstly they confirmed that the development plans which involve the cricket pitch and the area which we have been offered to use as a permanent range, have been badly delayed because of the extremely wet weather. Realistically, it could be at least nine months before that work is complete.

But, the good news is that Tows are more than happy for us to use the existing rugby pitches until the permanent range is ready. So we are now aiming to have our first club shooting session around 9th or 10th May (bank holiday weekend). Our first beginners course will also hopefully be arranged for around that time.

The next step is to hold a couple of open drop-in sessions at Towcestrians. The first will likely be over the weekend of 14th & 15th March, with the second being the following weekend. Dates and times for these will be confirmed this coming week. The sessions will be a chance for anyone interested in joining the club to come along, say hello, ask any questions and perhaps even join the club.

Of course if anyone has any questions in the meantime please send us a message via the Towcester Archers Facebook page, or by emailing us at

For anyone wanting to complete a beginner’s course before joining the club, we highly recommend contacting Indoor Archery Ltd in Brackmills, Northampton. Course sessions with them can be done at times to suit you.”

Dean Edwards