RESULTS – NCAS vs BCAA Postal Match

Hi All

Just a big thank you for all that took part in the intercounty postal shoot 2020 out of the 62 archers taking part with 12 of those being archers who have shot less than a year which is great!!!.

After taking the highest score submitted from each Archer I awaited the call from BCAA (Bedfordshire County Archery). After the usual pleasantries we got down to business of how many archers per category would make the team.

This time it was difficult as I had twice the number of archers than they did so I matched their numbers. So from the 62 archers I had to take 30 top scores from the various categories.

Below is the outcome of the POSTAL 2020

Yep they got us this time!!!

All those that took part will be receiving a ‘Postal Shoot’ pin badge as soon as I have these I will get these to you ‘via Club reps’.

Those who made the NACS Team will be receiving Year Bars and the ‘Broch’ to hang these off it’s your first team shoot. Check the results to see if you made the team ‘NCAS V BCAA’ tab on the result sheet.

For the novices 1st yr shooting a separate event was held within the intercounty shoot and the results of this can be found on the ‘Novice’ tab of the results. Novices will be receiving a certificate and medal.

Again as soon as I have all the items together these will be sent to your club rep to pass on.

Big thank you to the Clubs that hosted open events ‘within permitted guidelines’ at the time for archers to get the chance to shoot and put a score in. Promoting and keeping me in line??

For the county committee letting me get on with ordering new badges to be made up for this event!!

Dean for putting the certificates together!!

And for the Bedfordshire team captains Terry Course & Suzi Bredin for getting the web portal sorted and getting involved.

Can’t wait for the next one!!! Already in the planning.

Thank you all again really hope to see you all on the shooting line soon.

Take Care, Be safe.

Martin Ross
NCAS Team Captain

The full list of NCAS archers results can be found here (updated 23rd Dec 2020).

A Thank You from Long Buckby AC

A Thank You from Long Buckby AC

Hi All

Just a big thank you to all the local clubs who have offered to help us Long Buckby Archery Club with the loan of equipment after our arson attack. We are still awaiting a final decision from the insurers on the final settlement fee. We may still be taking some of your offers up on help, so we will let

They have 1 young adult, and he’s is going to court this week so we will see what comes from this.

On a serious note I would suggest that all clubs actual take stock of what they have in there various store rooms containers club houses, have a list and get a value together and make sure your insurance covers you. It’s surprising how quick the value ramps up!! And if you have more than 1 container value the contents per container and again check your insurance.

Really this is a big thank you to all the clubs that have been great offering help supportive comments it has been over whelming the support from you all. What a great county support has been fantastic thank you all. After 30 years of being a member of the county its times like this that reminds me why were one of the best.

Thank you

LBAC Committee