Stolen Equipment!

A member of Corby Archers had their car broken into on 1st October, with the following kits being taken.

1 x Adult r/h Samick Bow Black 25″ with 34lb limbs Black Sheep stabilisers Avalon Tec One sight. Blue Avalon Bag.

1 x Hoyt Excell Blue 23″, Blue stabaliser, with Blue Shubuyi Sight in Avalon bag 20lb limbs short. Pink Avalon Bag.

1 x Samick 23 inch Gold Bow with 18 lb short limbs’ Cartel Long Rod (This is quite rare as it has been professionally painted Gold and Lacquered) Black RcX Bag. Shubyu SUper Sight.

1 x Kenetic 23 Inch Purple riser with 14lb limbs, Cartel Long Rod, Avalon Sight. Light Blue Avalon Bag.

If you think you see any of these for sale please contact Chaz Wilson.

Northamptonshire Police Stolen Property Enquiry

We’ve received the following email for Northamptonshire Police. Please could you read it and pass the information on to other archers at your clubs.

Hello Northamptonshire County Archery Society,

I am investigating a burglary which happened on the 31st May 2018 in Northampton: REFERENCE 18000251381.

I was wondering if you could let me know if anyone has approached yourselves trying to sell any of the following equipment. But also if you could keep an eye out should anyone try to sell these.

I have also noticed a list of different county clubs on your website and was wondering if you had got a mailing lists you could circulate this email around to assist us please.

Amongst the stolen property was the following archery equipment:

– Compound Archery Bow in the colour BLUE
– Axcel Achieve CXL Compound Sight
– Sure Loc Black Eagle Scope, scope housing, the swarovsk + lens – Black Approx
– Vapor Trail Limb Driver Micro Elite
– Easton Elite Double Bow Case
– SF Archery Elite Pro 4 Tubes Quiver in the colour RED
– Carbon Express X buster 350 6×1 Arrows
– Carter Just Cuz + Release Aid
– Easton ACC Arrows 3-39 8×1

If you have any information which could assist us with this incident, please email or

Kind Regards,

Jack Jameson
Special Constable
Northamptonshire Police