County Records Update

County Records Update

We’ve had another busy period with plenty of new record updates.

Several more Portsmouth records were broken at Wellingborough Open Archery Club’s Annual Portsmouth competition held on 12th & 13th November. Lizzie Cantopher of WOAC broke the Ladies Recurve record for a Double Portsmouth with 1136. The previous record of 1128 was held by Julia Draper since October 2010. Dean Edwards of WOAC broke both the Single and Double Gents Recurve Portsmouth records with two rounds of 590 for 1180. James Mason held the previous single round record of 586 since November 2009. The previous double round score of 1156 was held by Dean since December 2009. And James Mason also of WOAC broke the Gents Recurve record for the Triple Portsmouth with rounds of 589, 584 and 583 for a combined score of 1756. The previous record of 1725 was held by Dean Edwards October since 2010.

Jon Bull of Targetcraft Archers has continued his great start to the indoor season with a new Junior Gents Compound FITA 18 record of 570, at Hawks WRS event on 29th October. The previous record of 565 was held by Josh Hall of WOAC since February 2011. Jon has also improved on his own Junior Gents Compound Portsmouth record with 582. The new record came on 18th November at Targetcrafts open Friday evening session. Jon’s previous record was 580 set only a few weeks previous. As well as the single Portsmouth, Jon has also improved on his own Double Portsmouth record with a new combined score of 1156. This came at Clophill Archery Clubs Junior Portsmouth competition on 12th November. Jon’s previous record of 1134 stood since December 2010.

Kirsty Stephenson of Northampton Archery Club has broken the Ladies Longbow record for a Short National round with 103. Kirsty shot the new score during a club target day on 1st October at Sywell Range. The previous record of 67 was held by E Goodwin of Kettering Archers since July 2003. Also on the same day, Tina King also of Northampton Archery Club set a new Ladies Barebow record for a Short National round with a score of 160.

Kayleigh Dunkley of Kettering Archers has two new Junior Lady Barebow records. The first came back in August at the 3rd Caswell at Wicken where Kayleigh shot 768 for a Metric III. The second record is for a Worcester round with 180, shot at Kettering Archers Open Worcester Tournament on 16th October. Kayleigh herself held the previous record of 165 .

Also at Kettering Archers Open Worcester Tournament, Derek Bett broke the Gents Barebow record for a Double Worcester with 490. The previous record of 483 was held by Mark Corstin of Kettering Archers was also set at the same shot in October 2010.

Tim Bull of Targetcraft has broken the Gents Compound record for a Double Bray II with a combined score of 566. The previous record of 564 was held by James Mason of WOAC since December last year. Tim shot the new record during a open club target evening on 21st October 2011.

David Plater of Nene Bowmen has set a new Gents Longbow county record for a Worcester round with 142. David shot the score at a club target day on 14th November.

Angela Plater also of Nene Bowmen has set a new Ladies Longbow record for a FITA 18 with a great score of 211 achieved at a club target day in October.

A number of records were broken at this years NCAS County & Open Clout Championships held at Kettering on 6th November. Young Helena Kaminska of WOAC shot a new Junior Ladies Barebow Double One-Way record in her first Clout shoot with 173 points. Tim Bull of Targetcraft broke two Gents Compound Clout records at the recent NCAS County & Open Clout shoot on 5th November. The first for a FITA One Way 185m with 128 points. The previous record of 102 was held by Gary Hall of WOAC since October 2008. The other is for a FITA Double One Way 185m round with 232 points. The previous record of 215 was also held by Gary Hall since October 2008. Frances Bull of Targetcraft has also set two new Ladies Recurve Clout records for both a FITA Double One Way 125m round with 107 points, and a FITA Double/Double One Way 125m round with 169. And finally, John Bosworth of Kettering Archers set two new Gents Recurve records for both single and double FITA Clout 185m, with scores of 94 and 180 respectively.