Northants vs Beds Inter-county Postal Frostbite Results

Northants vs Beds Inter-county Postal Frostbite Results

Long awaited results for the NCAS V Beds 2023-2024 Frost bite is in, firstly I’d like to thank the 95+ archers who took part and put in the 120+ score for me to go through.

All that took part will receive the 2024 Postal badge in due course from their club rep, and the archers who are in the novice category and or OCC will receive there certificate.

Thank you to all club reps that pushed this again this year greatly appreciated, so no further waiting….. It’s a win to Northants!!

Beds 9481
Nhants 9622


Thank you all again

Martin Ross
NCAS County Team Captain

PS the Ivy Keating and Tri Counties are being organised, again please ensure your club rep passes me there email details or as an archer contact me directly with your scores.

Reminder – Inter-County Postal Frostbite

Reminder – Inter-County Postal Frostbite

Hi all County Archers!!

Remember to get your Frost Bite score for the inter county Postal against Bedfordshire!!

The dead line for scores to be submitted is Midnight on the 31st March 2024.

All that take part will get the Postal Frost Bite badge!!

And those that will make the team will get there Year Bar presented at the County AGM!!

Also as side line archers shooting less than a year we are doing Novice awards depending on entry.

Ask your club Rep what you need to do or see the below, and remember scores to be sent to:

1 Round to be shot: Frost Bite,80cm face @30m including all the junior rounds (Cold Bite @20m Chilly Bite@10m not official round but get some new archers and those that can’t get 30m).

2 Eligible archers: All genders and ages. If a junior please give your age and round/distance shot.

3 Bow Styles: All Compound, Recurve, Barebow & Longbow, Including Traditional ( Wooden Arrows, wooden Bow) outside of Longbow.

4 When to be shot: Starts Nov1st 2023 closing date 31st March 2024.

5 How round is to be shot: Where possible can the 3 dozen be shot on the same day.

6 Record all the scores as you would normally, X`s, 10`s and so on. Please submit the final score totals only (not each individual arrow value) in the normal format, including the following information.

Archer, Gender. Club. Bow Style. Senior/Junior (if junior age) Please indicate iy you’re a Novice and round shot.

Example: J Doe. Female. Earth. Longbow. Senior. X 23. 10 13. Score 360.

7 All the scores will be on trust. We will be watching you.

8 Scores can be submitted either by sending the details direct to myself or your club selection committee volunteer. If these are to be sent direct to me please let me know details as mention in point 6.

Martin Ross
NCAS, county Captain

EMAS Sydney Bond Inter-Counties

EMAS Sydney Bond Inter-Counties

On Sunday 17th September the EMAS Sydney Bond Inter-Counties match was hosted by Lincoln Archers.

NCAS fielded almost a full team competing against Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Derbyshire and Leicestershire did not put in teams which was a great shame for such a great junior tournament.

For many of the young NCAS archers this was their 1st time shooting for the County. All our archers shot incredibly well, helping and supporting each other throughout the day. Despite shooting conditions not being the best as it was incredibly blustery many of our archers put in claims for Rose awards.

So how did NCAS do? Well, our young archers did amazing winning the team events for Recurve, Compound and Longbow. A huge big thank you to our Junior Squad who made my life as the Team Captain for the day very easy.

Well done juniors, you were amazing. A huge big thanks to Fii West-Ley for making sure we got some photos from this event.

Paul Sharpe