Long Buckby AC Single & Double Frostbite – 23rd March 2024

Long Buckby AC Single & Double Frostbite – 23rd March 2024

Long Buckby Archery Club are holding their Single & Double Frostbite shoot on Saturday 23rd March 2024.

Frostbite round: 3 doz @ 30M

Below 2 distances will be put on those archers not able to reach 30m please state clearly on entry form.
‘Cold Bite’ 3 Doz @ 20 M (Juniors, new archers)
‘Chilly Bite’ 3 Doz @ 10 M (Juniors, new archers)

Preference to spaces will be given to archers that have booked for the double round.

Venue: Daventry District Sports Club , Stefen Hill, Western Avenue, Daventry, NN11 4ST.

Entry Form (Word)

NCAS Dawn til Dusk – Target List

NCAS Dawn til Dusk – Target List

Countdown is ticking on and we are getting close to the start of our crazy day of arrows!

I hope that everyone has a great time, please see attached a preliminary target list.

If I wasn’t sure exactly what you want to do I may have booked you into more than you may want, don’t worry, I don’t know what everyone wants to show bow style wise as I know some people have discussed a different bow for each session, again don’t worry.

There may be people who join you as there is an open invitation to turn up and shoot if they find they have time on the day, everyone is welcome to come and shoot when we are all there with the same aim, have fun for charity.

Any questions please ask.

There will be spaces on the score sheets to complete any missing information to ensure that when we collars the results for the Chris mason league that the results are accurate.

There will be no medals, however there is a little memento planned for each archer taking part, this will not be ready on Saturday but I will get them out to everyone afterwards, it is a little surprise to say thank you for taking part and to remind you afterwards that we all had a great day for a great cause.

A reminder that the event will count towards the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League. Archers highest single National round score of the day will be used, regardless of session. Please email the county records officer Dean Edwards if you need clarification.

Weather – the forecast for Saturday is still hot!!! Exactly what we need on an endurance shoot!
 Please be mindful of the possible heatwave when planning clothing and what to bring with you on the day. The day is about fun, not making ourselves unwell.

The all important donation link is: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DawnTilDusk2019

Contact me if you have any questions at: treasurer@woac.co.uk

Otherwise see you all on Saturday unless you are camping, see you all on Friday.

Helen Sharpe

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – One Week To Go!

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – One Week To Go!

The following is the latest information from organiser Helen Sharpe for those already signed up, those considering and those who may decide on the day if they will to take part.

1. On the Friday (28/6/19) you are welcome to bring your tents and join us camping on the WOAC field as we will be shooting on the dome, if you are wanting to do this, if you can let me know in advance that would be great – remember to bring torches as you may remember we have no lighting and if you need to get up in the night you will need the torch.

2. Food will be available throughout the day, bacon and sausage sandwiches at breakfast, paninis, salads, soups at lunch and sandwiches into the afternoon. Snacks, including fruit will be available during the day.

The food will be prepared by a local business who is a friend to WOAC and it has been agreed that a percentage of what Kitty takes will be given to the charity pot, so the bigger the appetite and the more you spend the more for charity and if you are shooting all day, something less to think about and bring with you.

Anyone with specific dietary requirements, if you let me know, she can be sure to provide suitable alternatives for you.

3. There will be a cake stall run by members so anyone who wishes to help by baking/supplying cake, please let me know and I can add you to the list for the lovely ladies who are organising this.

4. There is still some availability for businesses who may wish to sponsor a boss on the day or who may wish to have a stall, if you can let me know of any business you think may be suitable I can contact them directly to make arrangements as, understandably there have been requests to see the letters of authorisation from the charities and I can provide these.

Aim4Sport with be there on the day with their pop up archery shop. The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service will also be there.

We will also have a fun photo booth for people to make a donation and take some of those fun photos you see that are popular at parties.

5. if you are interested in particular time slots for shooting and were thinking you would like to pop along on the day without registering, you will be welcome but some time slots are filling so if you wish to guarantee a slot please do contact me so that I can reserve the preferred times.

A reminder that the event will count towards the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League. Archers highest single National round score of the day will be used, regardless of session. Please email the county records officer Dean Edwards if you need clarification.

6. I think that I have emailed copies of the paper sponsorship form to all that requested it, if I have missed anyone who needs this as well as or instead of the virgin money sponsorship please let me know by email and I can send it straight to you.

There will be a raffle, details will be sent out to club secs over the weekend.

Donation page: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DawnTilDusk2019


Helen Sharpe

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – 29th June 2019 – UPDATE

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – 29th June 2019 – UPDATE

NCAS Dawn til Dusk charity shoot, on 29th June 2019, kindly hosted and organised by Wellingborough Open Archery Club

With just over a month to go until the event, we’re now at 14% of our overall target. A special thanks to the staff and pupils at Sywell CEVA Primary School who have chosen our event to join in with their own school community event and participated in a tough commando style obstacle event to add donations to our total, raising £1151.50 towards our target!!!! Thank you so very much!!

WOAC are intending to have up to 25 bosses out on the day, so there is still plenty of spaces for the event, which is open to any Archery GB affiliated members. Archers can shoot for the whole day of just chosen sessions.

The event has been added to the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League.

Please contact organiser Helen Sharpe if you wish to be added to the list of sponsored archers taking part on the day treasurer@woac.co.uk.

The event will be a “Dawn ’til Dusk” shoot starting at 05:30 and running through to 21:00. The archers involved will raise money through sponsorship by shooting sessions throughout the day. There will be 5 sessions shot throughout the day. Sessions 1 – 4 will be National Rounds (6 dozen arrows over 2 distances) and Session 5 will be a Warwick Round (4 dozen arrows over 2 distances).

Our aim is to have as many archers from within the county as possible taking part and contributing to this event, to help us achieve our target for the 3 chosen charities.

Northamptonshire Health Charitable Fund
Kettering General Hospital Charity Fund
The Air Ambulance Service

Please see the link below for more information and online donations to the charity shoot.

Help us to reach our target by donating here:-https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DawnTilDusk2019

The link is also what you will need to forward to your sponsors to allow them to donate electronically. Your sponsors will be given the option of leaving a message and can add that it is on your behalf there if they wish to.

Why a target of £12,000? When contacting the charities to ask if we could fundraise for them Northampton General Hospital advised that they wished to raise funding for a special cot for babies with respiratory problems and that these cots cost £2,000 each – why fund one if we can fund two?

This helped us to set the target at £12,000 because £4,000 for each charity would see 2 cots for the unit. When looking at what this might mean for the other chosen charities we were surprised to read that our local air ambulance service averages 6 rescue missions per day and each mission costs approximately £1,700 so we might help keep that air ambulance in the air for half a day with £4,000.

We are grateful for all donations that we receive, but don’t let the target affect your decision. If we are fortunate to be in a position where the target is reached we would still like you to donate as much as you can afford so that all 3 charities receive as much support as we can give them.

Once the event has been completed and we have all funds in, Helen will update the page to include the offline donations to allow us all to see the grand total raised.

For anyone who took part in the Remembering Chris Mason Dawn til Dusk shoot back in 2015, this was a truly fantastic day. Hopefully this event will be just as enjoyable and succesful.

NCAS Remembering Chris Mason Dawn til Dusk Shoot 2015 – Photos.

Download a PDF version of the event flyer.