WOAC Outdoor Open 2024

WOAC Outdoor Open 2024

The entry form is available for Wellingborough Open Archery Club’s Outdoor Open 2024.

Sunday 12th May 2024

Rounds: St George, Albion & Windsor
St George – 100Y / 80Y / 60Y – Adult Gents
Albion – 80Y / 60Y / 50Y – Adult Ladies & U18 Gents
Windsor – 60Y / 50Y / 40Y – U16 Gents & U18 Ladies
Windsor 50 – 50Y / 40Y / 30Y – U14 Gents & U16 Ladies
Windsor 40 – 40Y / 30Y / 20Y Short Junior Windsor – 30Y / 20Y / 10Y – U12 Gents & U14 Ladies
Windsor 30 – 30Y / 20Y / 10Y – U12 Ladies
An archer may shoot any round, but awards will only be made for archers shooting the age-appropriate round or greater.

Venue: Old Grammarians Memorial Sports Field, Sywell Road, Wellingborough NN8 6BS.

Entry Form

This shoot is part of the 2023/24 NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League

NCAS Charity Shoot

NCAS Charity Shoot

It was agreed at the NCAS county committee meeting on 22nd June, that the NCAS Charity Shoot be pushed back to take place next year.

This gives the hosts Towcester Archers, a better chance of hosting the event properly with the support of other county clubs.

The provisional date for next years event will be Sunday 21st July 2024, and it will remain a Dawn til Dusk endurance event. We will confirm this date as early as possible to give everyone looking to take part plenty of time to enter, gather sponsorship and prepare for the event.

Many thanks

Dean Edwards
Chair – Towcester Archers

NCAS Caswell Series 2023 – Stage 1 Results

NCAS Caswell Series 2023 – Stage 1 Results

The results are now available from Sunday’s NCAS Caswell Series 2023 – Stage 1

Kindly hosted by Targetcraft Archers


This shoot is part of the 2022/23 NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League, which will be updated in the next few days.

Photos courtesy of Dean Edwards & Lauren Smith.

NCAS Caswell Series 2023 – Update

NCAS Caswell Series 2023 – Update

There has been a slight date change for Stage 3, which will now take place on Sunday 30th July. The rounds will still be York, Hereford & Bristol I-V and hosted by Wellingborough OAC

And the date for the finals will be Sunday 20th August, also hosted by Wellingborough OAC.

From the Summer 2023 Season, the NCAS Caswell Series will be evolving.

Currently the series consists of three separate shoots taking place during the outdoor season. The awards for the overall winners of the various categories throughout the series are presented each year at the NCAS AGM in November. The winners being based on the highest cumulative scores from the 3 shoots.

From the 2023 season this will change to be 3 x Stage shoots and an invitational Finals shoot.

All the stage shoots will be 12 dozen rounds. Participants are welcome to shoot below age appropriate, but only those shooting in the correct age group will have their scores count towards to Caswell totals.

Entry Costs for the stage shoots will be Β£15 per entry. There will be no entry fee for The Finals.

The Finals Shoot will be a 6 dozen ranking round and head-to-heads (last 16 round onwards depending on the number of participants) to determine the NCAS Caswell Series Winners.

The Stages where possible will be held on the 4th Sunday of May, June and July and the rounds will be:

Stage 1 – Double WA720 / Metric122 / Metric80
Sunday 28th May 2023 hosted by Targetcraft Archers
Entry Form

Stage 2 – WA1440 / Metric I-V
Sunday 25th June 2023 hosted by Long Buckby AC
Entry form available soon.

Stage 3 – York / Hereford / Bristol I-V
Sunday 30th July 2023 hosted by Wellingborough Open AC
Entry form available soon.

Some of the Stages may be UK Record Status but only where the hosting club feels comfortable hosting a UK Record Status Tournament.

The Finals – WA720 / Metric122 / Metric80 Ranking Rounds, followed by Head-To-Head matches to determine the winners of each division and Class.
Sunday 20th August 2023 hosted by Wellingborough Open AC

In line with the changes made by Archery GB to the Age Categories the Age Classes for the Caswell Series will reflect this and will be 50+, 21+, Under 21, Under 18, Under 16, Under 15, Under 14 and Under 12. 50+ is by choice of the participant.

The Divisions for the Caswell Series will be Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow.

Final details for each individual stage will be available on the entry forms. This being the first year of trying this format, it’s likely that some changes will take place as the season progresses.

Any questions about the new format of the Caswell Series, please get in touch with the NCAS Tournament Liaison.

NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League 2022-23

NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League 2022-23

The NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League is once again up and running, and the scores have been taken from the first two shoots of the season.

2022/23 Standings:
Senior League
Junior League

Both the Senior and Junior NCAS Chris Mason Celebration Leagues are open to all archers who are members of clubs within Northamptonshire. It’s aim is to encourage as many club archers as possible to attend local tournaments. Something that Chris was always a big advocate of. If you shoot in at least one of the listed local tournaments (see the NCAS Calendar) then you’re automatically entered into the league.

The points system is as follows:

  • 3 points for attending and competing, regardless of category
  • 3 points for first, 2 points for second, 1 point for third (when 3 or more archers shooting in a bowstyle, within category)
  • 2 points for first, 1 point for second (when only 2 archers are shooting in a bowstyle, within category)
  • 1 point (when only 1 archer shooting in a bowstyle, within category)
  • Archers will only be placed against other county archers, for example if there are to be 10 archers in a bow style and 5 are from out of county then points will be awarded to the first, second and third highest scoring county archers irrespective of where they are placed overall
  • Points are only awarded to those who complete the round/tournament and receive a placing.

More information including results from previous years and the full rules can be found here.