Session & Development Coaches Courses

Session & Development Coaches Courses

NCAS is currently planning to arrange both Session and Development coaches courses with ArcheryGB.

The exact details of what is involved can be found on the Sport80 website or I will explain if emailed or contacted. Preference will be given to Northants county archers, or existing coaches who want to progress, before AGB throws it open to all and sundry.

The ‘in person’ modules will be in the new year and probably at Montsaye Academy, with the on-line units being undertaken at the archers convenience. It is very likely that some of the expense can be claimed back from NCAS/EMAS – certainly for the safeguarding costs – for both the archer and their club.

These events will only take place if sufficient people want to be involved. If you are interested in becoming a session or development coach please discuss it with your club (you will need a mentor) and contact me if you want to proceed.

Thank you

John Marshall

Session Coach Course

Northants county needs more archery coaches.

During the forthcoming indoor shooting season NCAS will arrange a Session Coaches Course for archers within the county. Before we can decide the dates, venue and cost it is necessary to establish the potential uptake of places on the course.

The new course format involves four on-line modules, which will be undertaken at your own time and pace, then two practical sessions and a final assessment. An archer undertaking the course will need a mentor and the ability to assist in beginners courses at their own club. If the latter is not possible, alternatives can be arranged.

If you are interested in becoming a coach please discuss the idea with your club and advise the County Coaching Organiser of your details.

County Coaching Organiser

This is to advise that Northants requires a new County Coaching Organiser as soon as possible and that I shall be standing down from the role.

This is largely an admin role with the need to either attend or submit a short report to the occasional NCAS meeting and any coach can undertake the role. There is support from Barry Molson – the Regional Coaching Organizer and a team at AGB. You would also be fully supported by the Level 2 coaches around the county.

If anyone is interested or would like further information please get in touch with me.

The CCO needs to be elected by the county’s coaches and I would arrange an on-line vote accordingly. A volunteer would make things so much earlier.

John Marshall