Dawn til Dusk Archery Challenge this Saturday!

Dawn til Dusk Archery Challenge this Saturday!

The Dawn to Dusk archery challenge in memory of Chris mason and raising money for Cancer Research is real gathering pace and we have just broken our new adjusted target of £5,000, which is fantastic, who knows what we can now achieve.

I would like to say a very special thank you to Mario Stankovic and the team at EMAS who have today donated £250 to our fund raising efforts, which is fantastic news!

Individual archers, clubs, archery shops (Merlin have donated £250), NCAS and now EMAS working together to remember our friend Chris and to raise funds to help put a stop to this dreadful illness.

Good luck to all taking part and watch this space for updates over the next few days.

Here’s a running schedule for the day: Dawn_til_Dusk_Schedule of events.docx


County Coaching Organiser

To All Members,

Pat Comber is standing down as County Coaching Organiser. Pat has done a fantastic job over many years in the role and she now deserves a well deserved rest.

This means that we now need somebody/bodies to take over the role, a job description is attached. It may be that one person is keen to have the job or alternatively several could form a small committee if they felt that that would be a better option, either way we need to now get something sorted as soon as possible.

County Coaching Organiser Job Description

The County Coaching Organiser role is one voted on only by the County Coaches, the selected person/persons then have a place on the County Committee, any person selected HOWEVER does not necessarily have to be a coach themselves.

We will be holding a meeting to try and resolve this situation on Wednesday February 25th at Wrenn School Wellingborough at 7pm. If you are interested in the role PLEASE come along to the meeting, remember you don’t have to be a coach yourself, you might just be the right sort of fantastic person who doesn’t mind giving up their time organising the rest of us!

Please take a close look at the job description, anyone interested would get the full support of the County Committee and I’m sure Pat will also do her best to offer any advise and support to the new Organiser(s).

Can you all please let Pat, patricia.comber@ntlworld.com, and me know if you will be attending, my email address is glenn@stbdesign.co.uk

Many thanks in advance for your support with this.


Glenn Taylor
County Chairman