A Bunch of Records for Fred!

Congratulations to Fred Aldridge of Kettering archers for recently breaking four county gents longbow records.

In April, Fred broke the FITA 720 record during a club target day with a great score 232, beating Dave Burnett’s previous record score of 120 set last May.

Again while shooting at a club target day, Fred broke the county record for an Albion round with 380 at the beginning of July. The previous record of 370 was held by Derek Bett since January 2002.

A few weeks ago at Targetcraft Archers Record Status FITA 900 on 10th July, Fred scored 445 beating Derek Bett’s previous record of 400 set back in 2003.

And finally Fred’s most recent score came this weekend at Nene Bowmen’s Celebration shoot where he scored 480 for a Windsor round. Beating Derek Bett’s previous score of 479 by 1 point!

Congratulations to Fred!

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