NCAS Dawn til Dusk – Target List

NCAS Dawn til Dusk – Target List

Countdown is ticking on and we are getting close to the start of our crazy day of arrows!

I hope that everyone has a great time, please see attached a preliminary target list.

If I wasn’t sure exactly what you want to do I may have booked you into more than you may want, don’t worry, I don’t know what everyone wants to show bow style wise as I know some people have discussed a different bow for each session, again don’t worry.

There may be people who join you as there is an open invitation to turn up and shoot if they find they have time on the day, everyone is welcome to come and shoot when we are all there with the same aim, have fun for charity.

Any questions please ask.

There will be spaces on the score sheets to complete any missing information to ensure that when we collars the results for the Chris mason league that the results are accurate.

There will be no medals, however there is a little memento planned for each archer taking part, this will not be ready on Saturday but I will get them out to everyone afterwards, it is a little surprise to say thank you for taking part and to remind you afterwards that we all had a great day for a great cause.

A reminder that the event will count towards the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League. Archers highest single National round score of the day will be used, regardless of session. Please email the county records officer Dean Edwards if you need clarification.

Weather – the forecast for Saturday is still hot!!! Exactly what we need on an endurance shoot!
 Please be mindful of the possible heatwave when planning clothing and what to bring with you on the day. The day is about fun, not making ourselves unwell.

The all important donation link is:

Contact me if you have any questions at:

Otherwise see you all on Saturday unless you are camping, see you all on Friday.

Helen Sharpe

Jack’s Report – Archery GB Key Event Stage 2

Jack’s Report – Archery GB Key Event Stage 2

A number of county juniors competed in the Archery GB Key Event Stage 2 junior tournament held at Stuttleworth College, Biggleswade on 22nd & 23rd June 2019.

Archie Bromley of Archers of Raunds, Iulia Petre of Corby Archers, Jack Sharpe, Ruby Paul and Harry Wright of Wellingborough OAC.

As Junior Rep for his club, Jack Sharpe wrote the following report about his recent progress leading up to the event, and how he got on at the competition itself.

“So whilst I have been shooting 4 years now, I gently started competitions a year later with the last 2 years seeing me take this side of my archery seriously, chasing goals I set for myself and moving from club, to county, to regional, onto ATC and NTDP coaching – with my national coaches being supported by the club and county coaches who have taken the time to meet my national coaches.

The competitions that we all do at club/county/regional levels that I have been privileged to take part in, might test me and help me with practise and new goals they do not prepare us for if we want to try and progress to higher levels.

If you watch elite athletes take part in international competitions they are not the metric/imperials rounds that we take part in.

However at our age it is hard to find competitions at those standards that accept cubs (under 14 years of age).

We practise the different bits in my coaching, 720 rounds, individual head to heads and team shooting all very different ways to our standard competitions.

The last few weeks when I have been at club sessions practising some of you have come to ask me what I am doing especially with my dad with a stop watch as I shoot my arrows.

So I thought I would tell you about the key stage event that I took part this weekend, in what was my biggest competition yet.

As it was an AGB key stage event – it was for many athletes shooting recurve and compound who are wanting to be considered for selection – at one end of the field were the youth GB team trying for places in international competition at our end it is about the academy process and seeing if they think that you are ready for the next step up in the AGB training process – some of us in the county are already on the National Talent Development Programme – at our age I don’t think there could be a tougher competition process than this.

The competitions for Elite archers are very different and something us regular folk don’t usually do.

In between shooting at weekends I am often watching live international competitions being streamed and when you consider how many arrows we might shoot at say a metric all day shoot, these athletes have such a small number of arrows to shoot that if you make a less than perfect start it is hard to get back to win.

I have practised the individual elements with my national coach but this was two days of putting all of that into competition mode.

Saturday I had a rough start after a girl tripped over my bow and completely took it apart with her foot! It did mess with my head and I struggled to settle, it takes many hours of work to get your bow set up and this did affect my shooting in the initial 720 match – but I finished 8th, which I am happy with when I think about it all.

After this there followed a day and a half of head to heads – these are brutal because if you tie it is then a one arrow shoot off with the closest to the centre winning!

Saturday afternoon were round robin to get you ranked for Sunday.

Sunday there were individual head to head competitions – I went out in the quarter final to a boy I know from training and I just thought I would be thrashed by him but I tried hard and made him work and the final score was 6-4 to my opponent which is very respectable against an athlete that wasn’t loosing points for much of the weekend!

In the mixed team event me and my partner Anna came away with Silver and in the open team event me, Harriet and William took another silver.

These team events are tough because there is no coach or adult guidance and we meet our team mates who are mostly strangers and we have a small frame of time to decide ok how are we going to work together and these are very tense matches.

There may not be as many arrows shot as in an all day full competition but what is different is the shooting, stopping for 15 minutes to an hour, then shooting again and so on.

It is here that all that work doing warm ups and cool downs really is very important as your body has to cope with the stopping and starting that this type of competition needs.

By the time we got to the finals on Sunday afternoon quite a few of us cubs were wearing ice packs between shooting and I am very grateful that my AGB coach and physio were there to check on me and the others to make sure we were not injured just aching.

I missed the indoor season 17/18 through a bad injury and had months of physio and care and I know it is important to listen to my body so advise is important.

Monday when my alarm went off to go to school and I told my mum that everything except my eyelashes ached! It is how it felt!!

Today there was a bit of an ache but after a day off I went back up to the field today to shoot, I need to practise on the things I learned over the weekend.

When we left Shuttleworth on Sunday I was so mentally exhausted and drained because so much of this weekend is about the mental side of sport as well as the actual shooting and the stress is huge, in a way we cannot practise.

I am again proud to have been part of the junior athletes that represent our club and our county because we try our hardest and when it doesn’t go how we would wish we look at how we can improve next time.

So well done to Archie Bromley, Ruby Paul, Lulia Petre and Harry Wright, we did well and brought a number of medals back to the county. It was also great to support and be supported by our friends from outside the county that we train with who were also competing and hopefully we will all also soon have a great time in the Junior Outdoor Nationals.

But if you get the chance to take part in this level of competition and you have practised the different bits that make it up, I say go for it, learn from it, it is an amazing experience but be prepared for the stress and strain and the physical and mental fatigue and be kind to your adults, they can only watch as you move around in the different phases of the different bits, often with more than one clipboard for the things you are doing, not because you are double scoring but because you are in individual and team events and you need them with you as you move from one to another. Your parents aren’t around judges and coaches who can explain they have to watch these puzzles and try and keep up whilst cheering you on.

Thank you for reading my report.”

Jack Sharpe
WOAC Junior Rep

If anyone has any questions for Jack, especially juniors, please get in touch with him via Helen Sharpe

The results from the Archery GB Key Event Stage 2 can be found here:

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot Update – 3 Days To Go!

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot Update – 3 Days To Go!

Just a quick update from Helen Sharpe about Saturdays charity shoot.

If anyone who is able to help with set up on Friday could just let Helen know, she will be at the field from 14:00 as there is the marquee to put up and bosses to get out etc.

If you haven’t registered to shoot but find you have time to join in for any of the rounds you are welcome to turn up and if there is space available at the time you wish, you are welcome to join in for a donation to the charity pot.

Gates will be open at 4:30 for those wishing to join the 5:30 session, food starting at 5:00 and a raffle at £2 a ticket that includes:

– 6 coaching sessions with a national level coach at Aim4sport
– A family day pass (2 adults & 6 children) to the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod
– A family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) to any home 2019 T20 match at Northampton CC
– A voucher for 4 people for half an hour lake hire at the boathouse at Rushden Lakes
– 3 prizes from Petron toys

And other prizes to be listed in the day.

Weather – the forecast for Saturday is hot!!! Exactly what we need on an endurance shoot!

Please be mindful of the possible heatwave when planning clothing and what to bring with you on the day. The day is about fun, not making ourselves unwell.

The all important donation link is:

Contact Helen if you have any questions at:

EMAS Outdoor Championships 2019 – Results

EMAS Outdoor Championships 2019 – Results

The results are now available from the East Midlands Archery Society, Regional Senior & Junior Outdoor Championships, which took place on Sunday 16th June 2019, kindly hosted by Wellingborough OAC on behalf of NCAS.


Congratulations to the following county archers who are now regional champions:

Jennifer Beesley of Banbury Cross Archers – Ladies Longbow
Shahram Montasser of Kettering Archers – Gents Recurve
Lee Brackenbury of Kettering Archers – Gents Longbow
Thomas Sims of Bicester Archers – Junior Gents Recurve
Nyah West-Ley of Wellingborough – Junior Longbow
James Halsall of Wellingborough – Junior Barebow

This event is part of the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League. The current standings have been update to include these results.

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – One Week To Go!

NCAS Dawn til Dusk Charity Shoot – One Week To Go!

The following is the latest information from organiser Helen Sharpe for those already signed up, those considering and those who may decide on the day if they will to take part.

1. On the Friday (28/6/19) you are welcome to bring your tents and join us camping on the WOAC field as we will be shooting on the dome, if you are wanting to do this, if you can let me know in advance that would be great – remember to bring torches as you may remember we have no lighting and if you need to get up in the night you will need the torch.

2. Food will be available throughout the day, bacon and sausage sandwiches at breakfast, paninis, salads, soups at lunch and sandwiches into the afternoon. Snacks, including fruit will be available during the day.

The food will be prepared by a local business who is a friend to WOAC and it has been agreed that a percentage of what Kitty takes will be given to the charity pot, so the bigger the appetite and the more you spend the more for charity and if you are shooting all day, something less to think about and bring with you.

Anyone with specific dietary requirements, if you let me know, she can be sure to provide suitable alternatives for you.

3. There will be a cake stall run by members so anyone who wishes to help by baking/supplying cake, please let me know and I can add you to the list for the lovely ladies who are organising this.

4. There is still some availability for businesses who may wish to sponsor a boss on the day or who may wish to have a stall, if you can let me know of any business you think may be suitable I can contact them directly to make arrangements as, understandably there have been requests to see the letters of authorisation from the charities and I can provide these.

Aim4Sport with be there on the day with their pop up archery shop. The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance service will also be there.

We will also have a fun photo booth for people to make a donation and take some of those fun photos you see that are popular at parties.

5. if you are interested in particular time slots for shooting and were thinking you would like to pop along on the day without registering, you will be welcome but some time slots are filling so if you wish to guarantee a slot please do contact me so that I can reserve the preferred times.

A reminder that the event will count towards the 2018/19 Chris Mason Celebration League. Archers highest single National round score of the day will be used, regardless of session. Please email the county records officer Dean Edwards if you need clarification.

6. I think that I have emailed copies of the paper sponsorship form to all that requested it, if I have missed anyone who needs this as well as or instead of the virgin money sponsorship please let me know by email and I can send it straight to you.

There will be a raffle, details will be sent out to club secs over the weekend.

Donation page:

Helen Sharpe