County Archery Development update…

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Latest Northamptonshire County Archery Development (2012-2013) Plan

2010 Northamptonshire County Archery Development Plan
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The county development officer Eric Jackson recently attended 9 meetings on behalf of NCAS. The meetings related to sport development and archery in particular.

These include:

Southfields School – A meeting with Southfield School, Kettering re archery in Schools. We are still waiting to hear from Montsaye school SSO for a similar chat?

Moulton Sports Centre – Re a have a go session during school half term. Event undertaken by LBAC.

Friars School – Re a number of items related to archery at the school.

Northamptonshire Sport – archery meeting.

Northamptonshire Sport Stakeholders group – apart of Northamptonshire Sport Strategic Governance.

Archery Development Plan meeting – To agree 2010/11 development plan which will be placed on the NCAS website once it has been agreed.

HEFE meeting – discussing the implementation of sports in Higher education and Further education establishments throughout the County.

Northamptonshire Sport Strategy Task Group meeting – formed to oversee the production of the County Strategy for Sport over the next 10 years.

Themed task groups for the Northamptonshire Strategy for Sport.

Club open day
Northamptonshire sport are looking at a mass participation weekend, 23rd to the 25th July 2010. This date has been set to coincide with the opening on the Olympic games in 2010. I have been approached by Rushden and Diamonds Centre to hold a ‘have a go’ there during that weekend so if nobody has any further suggestions could we make this the mass club venue. Alternative suggestions:

1. Each club has an open period on one day of that weekend or:
2. Rushden and Diamonds venues – East of the County 6 clubs
3. Kettering area – 2 clubs
4. Daventry area – 2 clubs
5. Towcester area – 3 clubs

Eric submitted a grant application for the purchase of equipment for the Dartfish software and presentational equipment to the tune of £2.5k. I am still waiting to hear if we have been successful.

A number of Local Authorities are holding Club open / development meetings. Where I hear of these I try to inform the clubs from that Borough area. I would encourage these clubs to attend, for a couple of reasons:

1. Sometimes useful information is available.
2. Raises the profile of archery.

A word of warning, the GNAS Board are already looking to reintroduce these resolutions at the April AGM. They will be worded differently and I would recommend careful reading of the wording. I will be attending this meeting and will be quite happy to carry your club proxies again.

Regarding the Open Day on the weekend of 23-25th July it was the general consensus to use one venue ie Rushden & Diamonds with all County Clubs supporting the event. We do need to check to see if this weekend clashes with the Sydney Bond, or any other shoot.

Eric Jackson commented that the clubs really should try to send a representative to the Development Meetings, and suggested there could be a section on the website for Archery Development.

Development Budget

The question was asked – do we need it or are we happy that the County is prepared to fund development?

Eric Jackson explained the purpose of a dedicated development budget. Sport England will be awarding Archery GB £800,000 over the next 3 years, with some of this filtering down to Counties and Clubs to support development. If the County wants to access some of this funding we may stand a good chance if we can match the amount we are asking for. At the moment we have no development fund to back up an application.

It was suggested that we put a percentage of the profit made in a year into a Development Fund. Eric was tasked to think about how much we should put into the Fund and it was agreed to discuss this again when the Treasurer was at the meeting.