NCAS County Record Claim Form

If you have achieved a new county record score, please submit your claim by filling in the online form below.

Rules for claiming a county recordPlease read before submitting your claim.

Records submitted with all the required information are usually ratified, confirmed by email and updated on the website within 14 days of submission. A PDF certificate will also be issued.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to a large number of junior and 50+ record claims recently submitted, there is likely be a delay in getting records checked and ratified due to backlog.

Regional and national records are not automatically claimed with county records. Archers must claim for those independently.

Please do not submit a claim until the results have been published by the tournament organisers!

Record claims submitted without the results from the shoot will not be ratified.
This includes claims for scores achieved at all county organised events.
Please submit one record per claim form.

50+? If your 50th birthday falls within 1973 or before, you are eligible to claim county records in the 50+ age group. This is completely optional meaning over 50’s can still claim Senior records. 50+ records can be claimed from 1st January onwards. A Senior 50+ claim will also be a Senior record if the scores is higher than the current Senior record, meaning the record would be listed as both Senior and Senior 50+.

If you have any questions about claiming county records, please email the County Records Officer

If you have the results as either a PDF, Word doc or Excel doc, please email the file to the County Records Officer