Archers of Raunds 45th Annual Indoor Tournament – 2nd WA18 – UK Record Status.

Archers of Raunds 45th Annual Indoor Tournament – 2nd WA18 – UK Record Status.

The entry for is available for AoR’s 45th Annual Indoor Tournament – 2nd WA18 UK Record Status, on Sunday 21st January 2023.

Venure: Manor Sports and Leisure, Mountbatten Way, Raunds, NN9 6PA.

Session A – Assembly 08:45 | Sighters for 09:00
Session B – Assembly 11:45 | Sighters for 12:00
Session C – Assembly 14:45 | Sighters for 15:00

Online form is available at where the online and Word forms are available.

This tournament sold out last year so look at getting your entries in as soon as you can. It will be UK Record Status and to clarify it is a WA18 round. There will be food available again but hot food will be served only between the sessions.

This shoot is part of the 2023/24 NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League.

Entry Form

Northants vs Beds Inter-county Frostbite Postal Match

Northants vs Beds Inter-county Frostbite Postal Match

Hi All Archers!!!

I know he’s at it again and a lot of you have been asking if the intercounty Frost Bite shoot will be on this year I can confirm its on!!

Similar format as before see below, alongside the intercounty bit I’m going to run the novice shoot again so if you could all do the usual shout out at the clubs circulate as required.

So please see the below.

As the heading suggests, in collaboration with Bedfordshire, we have arranged a intercounty match. Details as follows.

We are hoping that all NCAS clubs and archers will be able to take part.

1. Round to be shot: Frost Bite, 80cm face @30m including all the junior rounds (Cold Bite @20m Chilly Bite@10m not official round but get some new archers and those that can’t get 30m).

2. Eligible archers: All genders and ages. If a junior please give your age and round/distance shot.

3. Bow Styles: All Compound, Recurve, Barebow & Longbow, Including Traditional ( Wooden Arrows, wooden Bow) outside of Longbow.

4. When to be shot: Starts Nov1st 2023 closing date 31st March 2024.

5. How round is to be shot: Where possible can the 3 dozen be shot on the same day.

6. Record all the scores as you would normally, X`s, 10`s and so on. Please submit the final score totals only (not each individual arrow value) in the normal format, including the following information.

Archer, Gender. Club. Bow Style. Senior/Junior (if junior age) Please indicate if you’re a Novice and round shot. Hits, 10’s, X’s, Score

Example: J Doe. Female. Earth. Longbow. Senior. 36 (hits). 13 (10’s). 5 (X’s). Score: 360.

7. All the scores will be on trust. We will be watching you.

8. Scores can be submitted either by sending the details direct to myself or your club selection committee volunteer. If these are to be sent direct to me please let me know details as mention in point 6.

Martin Ross
NCAS County Captain

Stolen Equipment!

A member of Corby Archers had their car broken into on 1st October, with the following kits being taken.

1 x Adult r/h Samick Bow Black 25″ with 34lb limbs Black Sheep stabilisers Avalon Tec One sight. Blue Avalon Bag.

1 x Hoyt Excell Blue 23″, Blue stabaliser, with Blue Shubuyi Sight in Avalon bag 20lb limbs short. Pink Avalon Bag.

1 x Samick 23 inch Gold Bow with 18 lb short limbs’ Cartel Long Rod (This is quite rare as it has been professionally painted Gold and Lacquered) Black RcX Bag. Shubyu SUper Sight.

1 x Kenetic 23 Inch Purple riser with 14lb limbs, Cartel Long Rod, Avalon Sight. Light Blue Avalon Bag.

If you think you see any of these for sale please contact Chaz Wilson.

NCAS County & Open Outdoor Championships 2023

NCAS County & Open Outdoor Championships 2023

The results are available from Sunday’s NCAS County & Open Outdoor Championships 2023, kindly hosted by Wellingborough Open Archery Club.

NCAS County Championships Results
Open Results

This was the final shoot of the 2022/23 NCAS Chris Mason Celebration League, which will be updated in the next few days.

Photos from the morning session courtesy of Dean Edwards, Lucy Stratton & Nicole Jayne.

NCAS Senior & Junior Winter Coaching Programmes 2023/24

We are pleased to announce the 2023/24 NCAS coaching programme and invite all Archers registered with NCAS to apply.

The 5 stages of each programme will cover: Technique, Equipment, Mindset, Physical & Organisation.

Senior Coaching will be at Montsaye Academy in Rothwell on the following dates:

29th October, 2023
26th November, 2023
28th January, 2024
25th February, 2024
24th March, 2024

If you are interested in joining the Senior Coaching programme, please send an email with the Subject line “NCAS Senior Coaching” to:

Junior Coaching will be at Wollaston School in Wollaston on the following dates:

21st October, 2023
18th November, 2023
20th January, 2024
17th February, 2024
23rd March, 2024

Parents and guardians of Junior Archers interested in the coaching programme, please send an email with the Subject line “NCAS Junior Coaching” to:

The coaching programme is also an opportunity for the County Coaches to work with other Coaches, learn from our experienced Guests and gain valuable points toward their Coaching Licence renewal.