NCAS Caswell Series


The NCAS Caswell Series consists of three separate shoots taking place during the outdoor season. The awards for the overall winners of the various categories throughout the series are presented each year at the NCAS AGM in November.

The history of the Caswell trophy series runs back to the 1950’s and 60’s. It was started by workers at the old Plessey Research Centre at Caswell near Greens Norton, who formed a thriving archery club at the company. The Caswell tournament began life as a single shoot and the trophy created for the original tournament in the style of an archery target boss, was fabricated in the Caswell engineering workshop. This is the same trophy which is still awarded to the overall highest recurve score for the Caswell Series.


Pat Comber of Wellingborough OAC, recalls shooting in the 1968 Caswell match… “…the Caswell Trophy Match on 5th May 1968 at Delapre Park was the first competition I entered. My score sheets from back then show that I shot 14 events that year, in Northants, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. The last 3 of the year being the Intercounty Matches with Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and the tri-counties match with Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire.”

“I remember that the format of the Caswell event was altered at an AGM, after the county team wanted to shoot more FITA`s as practice for the Inter-county matches which were all FITA. It was agreed to shoot two FITA and one York/Hereford. I think that fixed dates were agreed then, being 1st Sunday in May, 1st Sunday in July, and 1st Sunday in August. I am not sure of the year this happened. I don`t think it was between 1969 and 1972, as my score pad covers shoots most of the weeks through those summers. I know it was 3 matches in 1974 as WOAC hosted the 2nd Match on 7th July 1974.”


At the county AGM in November 2013, it was agreed that from 2014 the Caswell Series would change to three FITA tournaments. The original suggestion was that with FITA shoots becoming more in demand, the county championships be changed to FITA & Metric rounds instead of York, Hereford & Bristols. But, with the increasing popularity of the county champs in recent years, and taking the history of the trophies into consideration, it made more sense to change the second Caswell match of the year from York/Hereford to FITA. Also making the series more even and consistent in terms of it’s overall points tally.

Dates and entry forms for the Caswell Series tournaments can be found on the NCAS Calendar.