Selection for Ivy Keating Match…

Hi All Archers!!

As some of you will know we have our first inter county shoot coming up on the 17/05/2015, we as a county are not hosting it this year so as of yet I don’t have all the details from the Bedfordshire County Captain. I’m letting you all know due to historically the invites would be coming out after the 1st Caswell, I may still send some out but I don’t want to send out too many as I may have to contact some of you and ask for you to stand down. Again this would be due down to numbers for the squad? Again decided by the hosting county.

I hope you all shoot well over the next few months and remember if you think I don’t know how good your scores are then you need to let your club reps know ( each club should have a rep whos on teh team selection committee) or send me your scores!!

My Contact

If you don’t have a club rep get someone to do it and contact me so I can explain how it all works.


Martin Ross
County Team Captain

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