New Portsmouth County Records at WOAC

A number of Portsmouth county records were broken at Wellingborough OAC’s annual open indoor tournament on 12th & 13th November 2011.

Dean Edwards and James Mason both of WOAC, battled it out until the last few arrows in the first round of the Sunday. Dean finished with 590 points just a single point ahead of James on 589! Both scores eclipsing the previous record of 586 set by James at this same event in 2009.

Dean repeated the very same 590 score in the second round giving him a new county record for the Double Portsmouth with 1180.

James went on to break the county record for the Triple Portsmouth with 1756 (589, 578, 584).

Lizzie Cantopher also of WOAC broke the Ladies Recurve record for the Double Portsmouth with 1136 (567, 569).


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