NCAS vs BCAA Inter-County Postal Frostbite Results

Hi Archers!!

So for the 90+ archers that took part in the intercounty Frostbite shoot the results are in!!

From the 90+ the following team size was agreed between the 2 counties.

6 Snr Recurve
6 Snr Comp
6 LB/FB/TRAD Et.. (wooden arrows)
6 Barebow
5 Juniors ‘any bow style’

It was a close run event up to the point where there was only 7 points between both counties.

6648 to BCAA with 6641 to NCAS.

Then the junior scores were added and the victory went to… NCAS by 149 points.

BEDS (BCAA) – 7815
NCAS – 7964


Well done for all those that took part, Frostbite badges and the other bits will be out to your club reps shortly to hand out thankyou again for taking part.

Martin Ross
County Squad Captain

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