NCAS v SCAA Postal Match Results

Hi, All Archers who took part in the recent Postal Shoot!!

Yes I’m back with the results I would like to thank you all that took part putting your scores in and keeping me busy as per the normal for this event I will be passing out badges to all that took part along with certificates medals, broaches etc depending if you made the final squad or took part.

On this occasion we outnumbered the archers from SCAA by 5 to 1 !! so we in for a good to chance!!

Some fantastic scores submitted and when you look at the scores submitted you will see what I meen.

So as usual couldn’t tell you what the weather was like, but I’m hoping you all enjoyed getting the scores, now enough of my ramblings time for the scores so here we go!!

Full Results

Yep we won!!!!

Again I’d like to thank Clair SCAA team manager/ Captain for working with me on this one and to Helen for getting us to speak to each other to put the event on.

Okay so look out as there is plans to hold other Postal with SCAA and maybe others!!

Good shooting and thank you for your support.

Martin Ross
NCAS Team Captain

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