NCAS Senior & Junior Coaching Sessions

Once again NCAS will be holding five coaching sessions over the indoor season. These are aimed at intermediate archers and those relatively new to the sport with the intention of generally improving technique, equipment tuning skills and preparing the archer for entering competitions.

Sunday 20th October 2019
Sunday 17th November 2019
Sunday 12th January 2020
Sunday 23rd February 2020
Sunday 22nd March 2020

The venue is again Montsaye Academy, Greening Road, Rothwell, Northants NN14 6BB.

The junior sessions will be from to about and the adults are in the afternoon, beginning about

The cost is again £25 per head, which covers all five sessions. In the spring of next year there will be an outdoor session to cover shooting at competition distances.

The sessions will include input from a sports psychologist and guest, high level and National coaches. If you require further information or wish to book a place on the sessions please contact me on.

If you would be interested in reserving a place please contact me with the following details.

State Senior or Junior:
Bow Style:
How long shooting:
Contact Tel:

I look forward to hearing from you.

John Marshall
NCAS Coaching Coordinator

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