EMAS Senior Squad

As of last year EMAS now has a Senior Squad. The main selection shoot for this years squad will be the annual EMAS Senior Inter County Shoot (the Thoresby) in September.

However, county archers are encouraged to send their scores from competitive 12 dozen rounds (WA1440’s & York/Herefords) as the outdoor season progresses. Please send your scores to Ken Charlesworth (EMAS Senior Squad Manager).

The next outing of the EMAS Senior Team will be against WMAS (West Midlands) on Saturday 6th June 2015. For those county archers interested, the entry form is here. The shoot is a Double WA1440 (FITA Star) being hosted by Sherwood Archers. The Challenge Match between EMAS & WMAS is incorporated on the Saturday. Any archers who are interested in this but are not currently EMAS Senior Squad members can send their scores to Ken for consideration.

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