County Records Update

Happy new year to everyone!

2011 ended with plenty of county records in December.

David Quemby of Northampton Archery Club set a new Gents Compound county record for a Triple Portsmouth with a total score of 1677. David achieved the record at Wellingborough OAC’s Open Portsmouth Tournament on 13th November.

On 9th December during an open club evening, Archie McDougal of Targetcraft Archers broke the Gents Longbow Worcester record with 168, beating the previous score of 142 set by David Plater of Nene Bowmen just a few weeks before.

Katie Bayliss of Archers of Raunds set a new Junior Ladies Recurve county record for a Bray 1 round with 238. Katie achieved the record during the Junior County training session on 10th December.

Kayleigh Dunkley of Kettering Archers has two new Junior Ladies Barebow records. The first came during the clubs annual Frostbite shoot on 11th December where Kayleigh scored 226. The second came on 16th December during a club target day session where Kayleigh scored 382 points for a Double Worcester round.

Kettering Archers held an open Flight shoot on 18th December. John Bosworth of Kattering Archers broke his own previous Class D Flatbow 50lb record with a new distance of 232 yards 1 feet 7 inches. His previous record of 218 yards 1 feet 8 inches was set in December 2008.

Bradley Denny broke the Junior Gents Recurve record for a Frostbite round with 309. Bradley achieved the score at Long Buckby Archery Clubs annual open Frostbite shoot on 27th December. The previous record of 300 was held by James Mason of WOAC since May 2000.

At Wicken Archery Club’s annual Frostbite shoot on 31st December, Nicola Lawrence of Wicken AC set a new Ladies Longbow county record for a Double Frostbite with 230. And Corin Brearley also of Wicken AC set a new Gents Longbow record for the Double Frostbite with 213.

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