County Records Update – Updated!

David Forster of Nene Bowmen continues to have a great season. David, still a Junior, has been shooting senior distance rounds this year achieving two senior Master Bowman scores. His second of which was shot at this years British Target Championships on 13th & 14th August. In all, David achieved no less than 6 new records over the weekend. Gents FITA 1196. Double Gents FITA 2371. Long Metric 562. 90m distance 265. 70m distance 303 and 30m distance 343.

Heather Major of Northampton Archery Club has broken the Ladies Recurve county record for a Double Short National round with a score of 659. Heather achieved the score at Northampton AC’s open shoot on 31st July. The previous record of 299 was held Jackie Sidewick of Wicken Archery Club since August 2004.

David Plater of Nene Bowmen has set two new Gents Longbow county records. David achieved the records during a club target day on 31st July, scoring 150 for a Half FITA, with 54 for the Half Long Metric Gents. Results

David Plater has also broken the Gents Longbow county record for an American round 306. David achieved the new record at a club target day on 14th August. The previous record of 238 was held by Lin Catt of Kettering Archers since April 2000.

Alex Ross of Long Buckby AC has set a new Junior Gents Recurve record for a Double Junior National with a combined score of 813 for both rounds at the Northampton AC Open on 31st July. Results

Will Ross of Long Buckby AC has set a new Junior Gents Recurve record for a Short Metric V round with 487. Will shot the new record at the WOAC Gerry Brailsford Memorial Shoot on 14th August. Results

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