This Years Thoresby Shoot – Message From The County Team Captain

This Years Thoresby Shoot – Message From The County Team Captain

Hi Archers

Due to various reasons outside my control I have decided to not put a team into the upcoming Thoresby Match which was to take place on the 04/09/2016. For those archers who have accepted the invite and were able to shoot please except my sincere apologies as I know you will be disappointed.

I hope this will not be a sign of things to come and as such I would like to know what the archers think in regards to the following. If we as a county are not able to fulfil the required quantity to make up a team for such an event as for example ‘Thorseby’ (which has never reduced team size if a county who cannot field a full team on the day)

Do I as the Captain.

1. Instruct those who have agreed to represent the county – that we are not able to fulfil the required team
a. Let the archer decide if they still want to shoot
i. If they do still send them to the shoot

2. Have the archers agreed to shoot vote on do we still send whom we have and take the majority and go with the result.

3. Pull the team and send no one.

I’m more than happy to discuss this with anyone or you can let your club Representatives ‘Selectors’ now and they can pass your verdict onto me.

This is a question to all Northants archers those who have shot on the squad and for those who will soon be shooting at competitions and may be asked to represent the county one day.


Martin Ross email
County Team Captain

56th EMAS Senior Inter-Counties Team Tournament 2014

56th EMAS Senior Inter-Counties Team Tournament 2014

On Sunday 7th September, the Northamptonshire team competed in the 56th EMAS Senior Inter-county Team Tournament, otherwise known as The Thoresby Shoot.

Individually our archers shot extremely well, with several personal best scores achieved on the day. Five of our seven gents recurve archers, finished in the top eight. Shahram Montasser of Kettering Archers won the gents recurve, John Inkley of Nene Bowmen came third, Ian Hannaford of Northampton AC was fourth, Jeremy Beesley of Branbury Cross Archers was fifth, and Dean Edwards of Duston Bowmen came eighth. Simon Stubbs of Branbury Cross Archers finished in 14th place, and Simon Wright of Wellingborough OAC came 17th. So all in the top half of the results.

James Mason of Northampton AC won the gents compound with a new county record score. Team Captain Martin Ross of Long Buckby AC finished in seventh.

In the ladies recurve, Christine Marshall of Wellingborough OAC came 15th scoring a new personal best. Jennifer Ives of Banbury Cross Archers also shot very well in 19th place. Anita Stubbs also of Banbury Cross Archers finished 22nd shooting barebow.

Our two Longbow archers, Russell Faulkner and John Marshall finished 7th and 10th respectively.

As we were unable to field full teams for most of the categories. we weren’t able to challenge for any of the team trophies this year, finishing 5th in all three categories. Derbyshire won both the recurve and the compound trophies, with Leicestershire & Rutland winning the Longbow trophy.

Full Results

This year, the shoot also acted as a selection shoot for the up coming EMAS Senior Team match against the West Midlands, to be held on 12th October at Lilleshall. NCAS members initially picked for the team are: Shahram Montasser, John Inkley, Ian Hannaford, Jeremy Beesley, Dean Edwards and James Mason. Congratulations to those archers.

Thoresby Shoot 2013 Results

Thoresby Shoot 2013 Results

The results are now available from the 55th EMAS Senior Inter-counties Team Tournament, held on 1st September and hosted by Derbyshire.


This was the most successful Thoresby Shoot for many many years for Northamptonshire. The recurve team won the Thoresby Trophy for the first time since 1967! James Mason won the individual gents compound award, achieving a new county record score in the process. Susan Corless finished as runner up in the ladies recurve, also achieving a new county recurve score. And Frances Bull finished in third place in individual ladies compound.

Northants Win The Thoresby Trophy!!

Northants Win The Thoresby Trophy!!

Congratulations to the Northamptonshire county recurve team for winning the Thoresby trophy today at the 55th EMAS Senior Inter-County Team Tournament. The county haven’t won the prestigious trophy since 1967, and the only other time we won it was in 1959, one year after the tournament started in 1958.
It was a great performance from the whole county team, with some great scores on a difficult day in windy conditions. James Mason won the individual gents compound trophy on the day, and several county records were acheived. Because of the windy weather the round was shortened from the usual York and Hereford, to St George and Albion rounds.
Full results available soon!


2012 Thoresby Shoot

2012 Thoresby Shoot

On Sunday 2nd September 2012, Northamptonshire hosted the 54th EMAS Senior Inter-Counties Team Tournament, otherwise known as The Thoresby Shoot.

Long Buckby Archery Club’s field at Daventry Rugby Club was the venue for the largest tournament held in Northamptonshire for many years.

Teams from Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire compete each year for three main trophies: The Thoresby Trophy (Recurve), The Bradgate Trophy (Compound) and The Boat Trophy (Longbow).

Rounds: UK Record & Rose Award Status, York (Gents) and Hereford (Ladies).

The weather conditions were very good, with sunny spells and only a light breeze.

The Northants Recurve team consisted of: (Gents) John Inkley, Dean Edwards, Shahram Montasser, Ian Hannaford, Bob Kaminski, David Forster, Clive Trundle, Steve Allen. (Ladies) Lizzie Cantopher, Susan Corless, Jenny Whitby, Christine Marshall, Wendy Cook.

The Compound Team: (Gents) Martin Ross, Gary Hall, David Quemby, Jon Bull, (Ladies) Frances Bull, Jude Hall, Helen Neumann.

Longbow Team: (Gents) Archie McDoughall, Fred Alderidge.

In the recurve event, Northamptonshire were unfortunately one lady archer short of a full team, and finished in 4th place overall with 9939 points. Leicestershire & Rutland were the winning county with 10668. Individual scores were high on the day with many archers achieving personal bests. For the gents Dean Edwards of WOAC shot a new gents recurve county record for the York round with 1128 to finish 2nd overall. John Inkley of Nene Bowmen finished in 4th place with 1106. Ian Hannaford of WOAC shot a new PB with 1062 to finish 9th. As did Shahram Montasser of Kettering Archers with 1030 in 12th. David Forster with 1023 in 15th place. Clive Trundle, Bob Kaminski and Steve Allen scored 914, 900 and 897 respectively to finish in 30th, 32nd and 33rd respectively.

For the ladies, Lizzie Cantopher of WOAC finished in 4th place with 1095. The rest of our ladies were taking part in the first county event and did very well. Susan Corless of NAC finished 18th with a PB of 965. Jenny Whitby of Broad Green scored 912 in 22nd place. Christine Marshall of WOAC and Wendy Cook finished in 25th and 26th with 704 and 620 respectively

Our compound team did very well, finishing in 2nd place with 6044 behind Derbyshire with 6174.

Jon Bull of Targetcraft Archers, who has had a fantastic year earned himself a place on the senior team and scored a new Northamptonshire Junior Compound record with 1246, which is also above the current senior county record! Jon finished in 2nd place overall behind Simon Scott of Derbyshire with 1252. Team Captain Martin Ross of LBAC finished in 6th place with 1202. Gary Hall of WOAC came 9th with 1190, and David Quemby of NAC in 11th with 1184.

Our lady compounds all shot well with Frances Bull of Targetcraft Archers in 4th place with 1204, Jude Hall of WOAC just behind in 5th with 1202 and Helen Neumann of WOAC in 7th with 1186.

Our Longbow archers were a bit sort in numbers but shot well. In fact both archers scored over the current gents York county record with Fred Aldridge of Kettering Archers scoring 205, and Archie McDougall of Targetcraft Archers scoring 171.

Northamptonshire would like to thank Long Buckby Archery Club for doing a fantastic job in running the tournament. And also thank all of the teams for making the day such a great event.

Full Results

Photo’s courtesy of Tony Underlin