New Judges Wanted

New Judges Wanted

Northamptonshire is still on the lookout for new Judges.

We are fortunate as a county to have a number of active Judges, but with so many tournaments taking place throughout the year, it’s difficult to find enough Judges to oversee all of them.

So we are asking for anyone who might be thinking of becoming a judge to get in touch. The process is explained here by Val Ewart

Judging Requirements…

There is a dedicated website for GNAS Judges – It is worth having a look at this site. It has a full list of judges for the UK, complete rulebooks and judge’s paperwork (forms etc.) Have a look at Judging – Handbook. Also look at Documents – J Forms -J10. These 2 items will give you a good overview of judging.

Anyone who would like to become a judge needs to have a working knowledge of the rules and procedures of the sport. If you shoot competitions, or support juniors at shoots, you will already have this.

You will need to apply to the County Committee and submit the form J0. You will then be allocated a Mentor, who will invite you to join them at shoots to gain experience. You will be encouraged to participate in the general aspects of judging from day one. After each days judging a J5 needs to be completed by you and the senior judge of the day.

When you are ready to take the County Judge assessment (usually after about 12 judging days) it will be done at a Record Status shoot where you will be ‘in charge’ for one session. This will include announcements and timing of ends including the whistle blowing. There will also be a closed book written paper to do.

You will not be expected to wear a Judge’s Uniform until you are a County Judge, but suitable alternative clothing is required.

If you would like any further information or just a chat about judging please contact me.

Valerie Ewart