New challengers on the Horizon – NCAS V SCAA Postal Match.

New challengers on the Horizon – NCAS V SCAA Postal Match.

A reminder to all archers in the county about the NCAS vs SCAA Short Metric Postal Match…

As the heading suggests, we have been approached for an inter-county match with Somerset County Archery Society, and we have arranged a socially distanced match. Details as follows and we are hopeful that all NCAS clubs and archers will be able to take part.

1. Round to be shot: Short Metric, including all the junior rounds (M1, M2,M3, M4, M5).

2. Eligible archers: All genders and ages. If a junior please give your age and round/distance shot.

3. Bow Styles: All Including Traditional (Wooden Arrows, BB & Horse Bow) outside of Longbow.

4. When to be shot: Between 25th June 2022 and scores to be sent to myself by Midnight of the 24th July 2022.

5. How round is to be shot: Where possible can the 6 dozen be shot on the same day.

6. Record all the scores as you would normally, X`s, 10`s and so on. Please submit the final score totals only (not each individual arrow value) in the normal format, including the following information. Archer, Gender. Senior/Junior (if junior age and which round shot), Club, Bow Style, Score Info.

Example: J Doe. Female. Senior. Club-Middle Earth. Longbow. Hits-36. 10’s-23. X’s-13. Score 360.

7. All the scores will be on trust. We will be watching you.

8. Scores can be submitted either by sending the details direct to myself or your club selection committee volunteer. If these are to be sent direct to me please let me know details as mention in point 6.

Club’s, please let your members know about this postal match, and let me know if we can expect scores from your archers.

Martin Ross
NCAS County Captain

Ivy Keating 2022

Ivy Keating 2022

The Ivy Keating match 2022 was a great day!!

Firstly a big shout out to Wellingborough Archery Club for hosting cracking job a big thank you to Paul and the club for organising the event. As the opening comment says it was a great day with the ‘Tricky’ wind kept all archers on their toes, but the day was warm and bright. It was great to be on the same field with the opposition, and Bedfordshire always have a bit fun and are a great county to work with.

Great to see new faces on the squad and to put actual names to faces from those that I have only seen as names on the Postal league shoots.

So in no particular order hello to the newbie’s on the squad:
HOBBS Frances
WATTS Aethon
ELLIS Finley

When you look at the scores it was close in some of the classes, very close!!!

Over all we took 1st in:
Senior Recurve
Senior Barebow
Junior Recurve
Junior Bare bow (Reported as a Beds Win on the day)

Team Results
Individual Results

Cheers again for taking part

Martin Ross
County Team Captian

Ivy Keating Match 2022

Ivy Keating Match 2022

Hi all NCAS archers,

So it’s the start of our face to face shoots after the few years of Covid!! Starting with the inter-county against BCAA (Beds) at the IVY Keating on Sunday 22nd May 2022, and the rounds will be Short Metric’s.

I will be looking at scores shot in the previous Postal and past events, so if you’re interested in being selected, here’s a few ways of making yourself known.

Got to local shoots!
Email me with your scores!
Let your club selector know your interested!

I will be looking to contact archers within the 2nd week of May as the shoot is on the 22nd as of yet team size has not been finalised all categories, are being looked at.

Juniors and Seniors, some teams will be mixed.

Trad – Shooting wooden arrows (including Horsebow & Flatbow)

Over to you Archers!

Martin Ross
NCAS Captain

Thoresby Date Confirmed for 2022

Thoresby Date Confirmed for 2022

This years EMAS senior inter-counties team tournament (Thoresby Shoot) for 2022 will to be held on Sunday 4th September. The host club and location TBC.

Back to it’s normal round formats of York (gents) & Hereford (ladies), the team size will be confirmed closer to the date, but expected to be:

Recurve – 6 gents / 5 ladies – 5 / 4 to count
Compound – 5 gents / 3 ladies – 4 / 2 to count
Longbow – 2 gents / 2 ladies – 1 / 1 to count
Barebow – 2 gents / 2 ladies – 1 / 1 to count

Martin Ross
County Team Captain

Reminder – NCAS V BCAA Portsmouth Postal Match

Reminder – NCAS V BCAA Portsmouth Postal Match

Just a reminder to get your Portsmouth scores submitted to Martin Ross, for the Northants vs Beds Portsmouth Postal match.

The deadline for scores is 13th March, and you can just send your scores directly to him stating:

Full Name:

Scores are taken on faith, so please make sure that the score has been recorded properly (cross scored etc.).

Full details can be found here: