First Aid CPD Event

First Aid CPD Event

Dear Coaches and archers,

The county will be running a First Aid CPD event at Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough from until about on Saturday 19th May 2018.

This is a First Aid for Archery course with emphasis on problems you might encounter on the range/field. The full event is all day, but for those who might not be able to manage this there is a limited option to join in after lunch for some of the pertinent bits.

There is no cost to attendees and possibly room for experienced archers who are not actually coaches but who would benefit from some First Aid instruction. Please therefore mention the session to others in your club.

If you are interested in attending please contact John Marshall.

ArcheryGB Level 2 Coaches Course

ArcheryGB Level 2 Coaches Course

Northamptonshire County Archery Society are running an ArcheryGB Level 2 Coaches course over the summer at Montsaye Academy, Greening Road, Rothwell. – NN14 6BB

The dates are:
Sat 9th June and Sun 10th June.
Sat 30th June and Sun 1st July.
Sat 28th July and Sun 29th July.
The assessment date is Sunday 25th November 2018

If you are currently a Level 1 coach and would like to take part in this course, or would like further details, please contact either:

County Secretary at
Or the County Coaching Office at

NCAS Senior and Junior Coaching Sessions 2017

NCAS Senior and Junior Coaching Sessions 2017

As in previous years we will be holding senior and junior coaching sessions on the following dates at Montsaye Academy, Rothwell.

Sunday 22 October 2017
Sunday 19 November 2017
Sunday 14 January 2018
Sunday 25 February 2018
Sunday 25 March 2018

Within this format we are also hoping to develop our County’s coaches. There will be opportunity for less experienced coaches ( those entering level 1 coaching and recently qualified level 1 coaches) to work alongside more experienced coaches from both inside and outside our county.

If you would be interested in assisting in a coaching capacity please contact the below with the following details:

Coaching level:
Years of Experience:
Preferred Bow Style:
Contact Tel:

We would need your commitment to each of the sessions (am Juniors) / (pm Seniors).

For Archers, both the Senior and Junior Coaching sessions will be aimed at the intermediate archer looking to improve technique and performance. The sessions will include strength & conditioning, bow set up / bow tuning, technique and the mental approach.

The sessions will be open to all bow styles.

There will be a cost to archers for these sessions and NCAS will be providing a subsidy but until numbers are known the actual cost cannot be determined. As a guidance last year the cost was £25 each for all 5 sessions.

If you would be interested in reserving a place please contact me with the following details.

State Senior or Junior:
Bow Style:
How long Shooting:
Contact Tel:

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Marshall
NCAS Coaching Officer

Coaching Courses

Coaching Courses

Level 1
NCAS will be running a Level 1 coaching course at Montsaye Academy, Greening Road, Rothwell NN14 6BB starting November 2017. The course dates are: 25th, 26th November and 10th December 2017 (Tutorial days), with 11th February 2018 being the Assessment day. For further information on costs and registration please contact the course organiser Angela Bray.

Level 2
If there is sufficient interest NCAS will be organising a Level 2 coaching course in 2018. If you would like to know more about this course please contact Angela Bray or John Marshall.