Duston Bowmen Indoor Triple Tournament – Target List

Duston Bowmen Indoor Triple Tournament – Target List

The target list is available for this Sunday’s Duston Bowmen Indoor Triple Tournament at Montsaye Academy.

Target List

Due to some cancellations there are 2 Worcester places available on Session A, 4 Vegas and 3 Portsmouth on Session B, and 3 Portsmouth on Session C. This means there is 2 Triple places available. Please call Dave Birch on 07970 051782 if you wish to reserve one of these places.

NCAS County & Open Indoor Championships 2020

NCAS County & Open Indoor Championships 2020

The entry form is now available for the NCAS County & Open Indoor Championships 2020.

Entry Form

Sunday 8th March 2020
UK Record Status

Kindly hosted by Archers of Raunds.
Venue: Manor School Sports College, Mountbatten Way, Raunds, Northamptonshire NN9 6PA.
Rounds: Portsmouth. Recurve archers will shoot on a single face target, Compound archers will shoot on a triple face target.
Assembly: Session A: 9.00am – Session B: 12.00pm – Session C: 3.00pm

This shoot is part of the 2019/20 Chris Mason Celelbration League.

Message from County Junior Rep

Message from County Junior Rep

Hi everyone, just wanted to say I hope you all had a great Christmas break.

I think we have probably all had our first days back at school and now it feels like ages since I was at home away from it all!

For me it included a birthday that saw me move up in categories to under 16 so new challenges ahead, but I started to prep for this so hopefully that will all come together for the outdoor season.

I wish you all lots of luck with your plans for 2020 and remember to shout me if you think I might be able to help get the junior voices heard.

My mum asked me to sit down and think about the last year as it wasn’t all good with another injury taking the large part of my outdoor season for the second year running.

She was right, when I thought about it, it wasn’t all bad. Disappointed for sure that a second summer saw me miss the targets I had set myself, but more planning has put in place a better support system so this time the impact on me mentally wasn’t as bad as the summer before.

Never be afraid to reach out and ask for someone to listen if you are sad, angry etc. I didn’t before and it caused a lot more problems. It doesn’t have to be your parents, remember coaches and peers are great support if we let them be.

There were good things though, becoming an ambassador for AGB saw me have some great opportunities to push our sport and get involved in different ways. I did lots of enjoyable things through this but definitely the highlight for me was the volunteering at the world transplant games hosted in Newcastle and Archery was put on to show people what it could be like to include it as an event if accepted.

I met some amazing athletes from around the world overcoming huge obstacles to take part, some in several different events including archery.
Don’t ever think things can stop you, with some help – we can do anything we want to!

See you all soon

Jack Sharpe
NCAS Junior Rep