NCAS Junior Coaching Sessions

NCAS Junior Coaching Sessions

We are pleased to advise that Junior Coaching will be available again in January.

Tim Bull is kindly organising these sessions, and will be supported by some excellent coaches and experienced archers.

We are expecting on at least two of the sessions to share our venue with a number of GB Academy Archers and Coaches.

We have booked Montsaye Community College, Rothwell on the following dates and times:
Sunday 18th January 2015, 2pm – 6pm
Sunday 15th February 2015, 2pm – 6pm
Sunday 22nd March 2015, 2pm – 6pm
Sunday 5th April 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Northamptonshire County Archery Society have agreed to subsidise these sessions, and Targetcraft Archers have agreed not to charge for Boss hire, but there will be something to pay by each archer. We will be able to advise costs, once we know the number of people likely to attend.

What are the sessions about:
The sessions will be aimed at those Archers who are interested in developing their skills with a view to representing, in the future, County, Region and perhaps Country. We will be looking to assist with improving technique, form, and fitness. We will also assist where necessary with Bow set up and tuning, and provide advise in relation to goal setting, record keeping and personal improvement. We will submit closer to the event the full details of the programme.

Who are the sessions for:
All Juniors registered with the County. (We will accept FITA Juniors up to their 21st year). Each Junior must have their own equipment, have shown an interest in competition and have an ambition to succeed.

At each session there will be both qualified coaches plus experienced archers. At some sessions we hope that the County’s two representatives of the GB Squad – Brad Denny and John Bull will also be present to assist with coaching and talk about competition on a World stage.

Some of you may already have access to coaching either via your club or a third party. That’s great. County Coaching is not a replacement, but something as well as. Please feel free to bring coaching notes with you in order that we can work together.

What do you need to do to get involved in these sessions:
Please either via your club, or direct contact me on the following e-mail address:

Let Tim know the following details:
Bow Style
How long have you been shooting
Current Indoor / Outdoor handicap (if you know this)

Thank you in advance for your positive response.

Tim Bull
Northamptonshire County Archery Society

Glenn Taylor Elected New County Chairman

Glenn Taylor Elected New County Chairman

Glenn Taylor was elected the new County Chairman at the County AGM held on Tuesday 9th December. On being elected he made the following speech:

“Well when I stopped being Chairman over 3 years ago I didn’t think I would be Chairman again, but sad circumstance has lead me back.

Lot’s of great things have been said about Chris Mason but I would like to add something as well. Chris was at the very heart of this County, and without him things will never be the same, he was a great man who absolutely loved this County and all of the clubs and archers in it. He woke up thinking about the County, fell asleep thinking about it and probably dreamt about it. I visited him a couple of times in hospital shortly before we lost him and the County was still the main topic of conversation – his shoes are far too big for any of us to fill.

I’ve agreed to take this role on because I have the same hopes and values for the County that Chris had and I want to carry on the great work that he did to try and deliver those hopes and values.

It is my aim this year to try and bring the community spirit of the County back – Chris and I had a conversation a few months ago where we talked about how great the County was a few years ago, how it felt like one big club, everybody keen to help everybody else, no back bighting and a great deal of humor – we might not of been the best shots then BUT I do think that the way the County was then is why we have some of the best shots now!

So – we need more clubs represented on the County committee – only 6 clubs are currently represented – come on Northampton, your probably the biggest club in the County now, and what about Corby, Raunds, Banbury, Bicester, WOAC and Broad Green?

We need to STOP the back bighting, the trying to poach members, the slagging off of other clubs.

We need to START investing in coaching – not only in our own clubs but across the County – we need to set the framework to produce the next generation of great archers.

Although I completely share Chris’s vision for the County I’m not the cuddly, lovable, fantastic bloke he was – so I apologies now if I upset a very small minority to get us to a place where the majority are happy and proud to be – part of this fantastic County Society.

I would like to especially thank a couple of people – Martin who has stepped up to the plate from Vice Chairman to Chairman over the past few weeks whist still being team captain AND child protection officer (which hasn’t been as easy as it should have been this year) – he is old school, right out of the Chris Mason mold! AND Angie, who whist losing her partner continued to run the County – she is an example to all of us and we owe it to her and Chris to really make this work!

Finally I want the County to have something to remember Chris – lots has been talked about how we need to put something in place, I have my own ideas but would really welcome some input for the next meeting, perhaps a shoot in his name or a series of shoots, something a bit different, something to bring the clubs together, something for all levels, serious shooting but with a sense of humor and community?

Thank you.”

If you would like to contact Glenn directly his email address is