Archery GB National Rankings

Archery GB National Rankings

Many congratultaions to those Northants archers who made it onto this years Archery GB UK rankings. In order to qualify for a UK ranking, archers are required to complete at least three FITA rounds and two 70m rounds at UK and World Record Status events throughout the year. If more rounds are completed then only the archers best scores are counted.

Well done to Susan Corless of Northampton AC for finishing 16th in the ladies recurve rankings in only her second competitive season. Lizzie Cantopher of Wellingborough OAC (also now of Northampton AC) finshed just two places behind Susan in 18th. Christine Gibson also of Northampton AC finished in 48th place in her first season of competition.

In the ladies compound list, Helen Neumann of Wellingborough OAC finished in 30th place. Frances Bull of Targetcraft finished in 32nd place.

Ian Hannaford of Wellingborough OAC (also now of Northampton AC) had a great finishing in 43rd place in the gents recurve list. Steve Gibson also of Northampton AC finished in 92nd place in his first season.

James Mason of Wellingborough OAC also had a fantastic season finishing in 17th place in the gents compound list. Closely followed by Jon Bull of Targetcraft who also had a grea year in 19th place.

2013 UK Rankings

NCAS County Outdoor Champs – Potential Round Change

NCAS County Outdoor Champs – Potential Round Change

At a recent county committee meeting it was suggested that the rounds shot at the Northamptonshire County Outdoor Championships change from the current York, Hereford & Bristol rounds, to FITA & Metric rounds.
The main idea is to give the county another record status FITA & Metric tournament for the benefit of those looking for UK ranking scores. And it is also suggested that perhaps the imperial rounds are starting to become a bit dated and out of line with the majority of large UK tournaments which are now heavily metric based.

The county championship rounds have been York, Hereford & Bristol rounds for over 50 years. Currently, with the Caswell Series also, the county offers two record status FITA & Metric tournaments, and two record status & rose award York, Hereford & Bristol tournaments.

The potential proposals are:

1. Keep the county championships as York, Hereford & Bristol rounds.
2. Change the county championships from York, Hereford & Bristol rounds to FITA’s & Metric’s.
3. Keep the county championships as York, Hereford & Bristol rounds, but change the 2nd Caswell series tournament from York, Hereford & Bristol rounds to FITA’s & Metric’s.

The county committee would like to know the archers within the county think about this proposal. Please email the County Secretary with your views, ahead of the county AGM on Wednesday 7th November.

Jon & Brad off to China!

Jon & Brad off to China!

NCAS would like to wish Jon Bull and Bradley Denny the very best of luck as they set off for the World Youth Archery Championships in Wuxi China next week.

Jon and Brad fly out with the rest of the Archery GB squad this Friday 11th October. Official practice starts on Sunday 13th October, with the qualification rounds starting on Monday 14th October. More information about the event can be found on the Archery GB website.

The county is very proud to have two of it’s juniors representing Archery GB at the highest level of junior archery.

You can follow their progress on the World Archery (FITA) website.

Junior County Coaching Dates

Junior County Coaching Dates

Junior County Coaching dates for the Indoor season are now available.

All County juniors are welcome to attend these Coaching sessions where during the Winter we will be concentrating on style and technique. We would appreciate a quick e-mail to Tim Bull to let us know who will be attending in order that we can arrange sufficient coaches and experienced archers to support these sessions.

October 26th – 2pm to 5pm
November 9th – 2pm to 5pm
December 14th – 2pm to 5pm
Location: Montseye Community College – Rothwell

January 4th – 2pm to 5pm
February 1st – 2pm to 5pm
March 1st – 2pm to 5pm
Location: Manor School – Raunds

If you are interested to volunteer as a coach for any or all of these sessions please contact Tim Bull.

NCAS Junior Indoor County Records

NCAS Junior Indoor County Records

As of 1st October 2013, all junior indoor county records have been separated into age groups for each of the indoor rounds. This means that younger junior archers now have a chance to achieve an indoor county record score for their age group.

The age groups are now set at:

Under 18 (U18), Under 16 (U16), Under 14 (U14), Under 12 (U12)

Because of this, all of the current existing indoor county record scores will need to be reclaimed into the correct age group. If you hold one of the existing county indoor records (click the link below), please email the County Records Officer before 1st April 2014, if you wish to keep your county record in the correct age group.

Existing Junior Indoor Record Scores

When submitting new claims for junior indoor records, make sure the current age of the archer is given on the claim form. The records officer will put the score into the relevant age group.

As this is a new insentive. Older record claims cannot be accepted, unless achieved within the last 6 months as per the current time restriction for claiming records.

If you have any questions about this please email the County Record Officer.