Hawks FITA 18 Tournament

Hawks FITA 18 Tournament

A number of county archers shot at this weekends Hawks AC World Record Status FITA 18m Tournament taking place at Ampthill Beds.

Lizzie Cantopher of WOAC shot a new ladies recurve county record in Saturday’s seeding round to rank 1st for the afternoon head to head matches. She went on to finish in 3rd place overall after winning the bronze medal match by beating her opponent 6 sets to 0. Jude Hall shot well in her seeding rounds of the ladies compound with 546 (and 532) to rank 6th. Paul Hyde of NAC also shot both rounds with 481 (and 477) to rank 14th in the gents recurve. Gary Hall, Paul Blamine and Daniel Watt for WOAC all took part in the Saturday gents compound competition. As did Jon Bull of Targetcraft who ranked in 7th place with a new junior gents compound county record of 570. Paul shot 558 (and 556) to rank 13th. Gary scored 553 (and 563) to rank 15th, and Daniel scored 545 to rank 17th. In the head to heads Daniel was unlucky to lose his first round match 6-2. Paul had a bye in his first round match but lost his match in the last 16 by 7 sets to 3. Gary won his first round match convincingly 7-1 before then winning his next match against highly accomplished archer Tim Nash 6-0 in the last 16. Gary’s next opponent in the quarter finals was Jon Bull. Jon had a bye in the first round before winning his last 16 match 7-3 to line up the all county match with Gary, which went Jon’s way 6-0. Jon’s next opponent in the semi finals was Alistair Whittingham who proved too strong winning the match 7-3. Jon went up against fellow EMAS squad member Thomas Taylor for the bronze shoot off but lost out 6 sets to 3.

No head to head’s on the Sunday, with three FITA 18 rounds instead. Lizzie Cantopher returned to shoot 519 to finish in 3rd place overall in the ladies recurve. In the gents recurve Paul Hyde also returned for day two and improved his two rounds with 496 and 491. Ian Hannaford, James Mason and Dean Edwards all of WOAC all shot well. Ian scored 539 to finish 8th. James shot very well to finish in 4th place with his first round score of 559, and scored 552 for his second round (with a miss). Dean scored 568 to finish in 3rd place, and scored 561 for his second round for a new Double FITA 18 county record. Daniel Watt returned for his second day and shot all three gents compound rounds scoring 531 (to finish 14th), 549 and 549.

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Saturday's head to head excitement was clearly all too much for Daniel!

Duston Bowmen Triple – Entry Form

Duston Bowmen Triple – Entry Form

The Entry Form is now available for the Duston Bowmen David Clarke Memorial Open Triple Tournament 2012, to be held on 29th January at Daventry Leisure Centre.

The shoot is formally known as the British Timken Bowmen Triple Tournament before the club changed it’s name earlier in the year.

9.30am Worcester.  12.30pm Vegas.  15.30pm Portsmouth

Lady Paramount – Mrs Marion Clarke

2011 Results

County Records Update

County Records Update

Kettering Archers held a club target day on 2nd October, making the most of the great weather. The rounds were single and double Long Warwicks with several new county records acheived. Derek Bett has two new Barebow county records for both the Long Warwick with 336, and Double Long Warwick with 671. Joe Burlington shot a new Gents Longbow record for a Double Long Warwick Longbow with 125. And Todd Burlington shot a new Junior Gents Recurve record for the Double Long Warwick with 555. Achieving 300 point with his second round.

At this years Lancashire Clout Championships held on 14th August. Dave Burnet also of Kettering Archers broken the Gents Longbow record for a Single One Way Clout with 53. The previous record of 21 was held by Derek Bett since April 2001. On the day, Dave also set a new county record for the Double One Way with 110.

With the indoor season now under way, Jon Bull of Targetcraft Archers has already broke the Porstmouth Junior Compound record with a great 580. Jon shot the new score at a Targetcraft open Friday evening session on 7th October. The previous record of 575 was held by Josh Hall of WOAC. Jon Bull also has another outdoor county record with a New Western score of 716. Jon achieved the new record score at Targetcrafts annual club championships in August.

Kettering Archers held the 3rd Worcester Tournament on 16th October. The first Indoor competition of the season has produced plenty of records, with more yet to be claimed. Jon Bull broke his own Junior Gents Compound county record for the single round with 298. His previous record of 297 was held since February. Jon achieved the new record at Kettering Archers 3rd Worcester Tournament on 16th October. With an afternoon session score of 297, Jon also broke the record for the Double Worcester with 595. Beating the previous record of 543 set by Josh Hall in October 2009. Dean Edwards of WOAC broke the long standing gents recurve record with 294. The previous record of 293 was held by Ian Webb of Northampton AC since back in January 1984. Dean went on to shoot 296 in the afternoon session to break his own record for the Double Worcester with 590. The previous record of 579 was set in February 2009. And Gary Hall of WOAC shot a maximum score of 300 to equal the Gents Compound record. As the score is a maximum Gary’s name goes alongside Colin Thwaites and Martin Ross as a joint record.

The Bull family of Targetcraft Archers set 5 new county records during a Targetcraft open Friday evening shoot on 21st October. Jon Bull has took the records for a Bray II and Double Bray II with a scores of 280 and 560. The single round is just a one point improvement on Josh Hall’s previous score of 279. Josh also held the previous record for the double round with 552 since October 2010. Jon achieved the new records. Frances Bull broke her own Ladies Recurve county records for a Bray II and Double Bray II round with 269 and 526. Her previous record score for the single round of 256 stood since October last year, and her previous Double round record of 515 has stood since February last year. And Tim Bull (Gents Compound) also broke the Double Bray II record with 283 and 283 for 566. James Mason of WOAC held the previous Double Bray II record of 564 since February 2010.