20 Companies, 12 Sport‏s

Northamptonshire Sport instigated a programme as a part of the build-up to
the Olympics based on the year 2012. The programme is aimed at getting 20
Companies taking part in 12 sports. On the 20th June WOAC hosted, on behalf
of NCAS, an archery session for 7 companies who expressed an interest in
trying archery. Each team consisted of 4 members who were instructed in the
basics of shooting followed by a team competition. From the feedback it was
enjoyed by all and there were quite a few enquires for information about
clubs throughout the County.
Archery was the first sport on the programme and to date the most popular
event, equalled only by golf on team participation numbers.
The winners of the competition – 1st Northamptonshire Sport A team, 2nd YMCA
Trainers, 3rd Northamptonshire Rejects.
Thanks must go to WOAC club members who gave up an evening’s shooting to
help and the rest of the club who were shunted to the far side of the field.

Northamptonshire Sport

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