Entry Form – NCAS Dusk til Dawn Challenge 2024

You can secure your place in this years NCAS Dusk til Dawn Challenge, by firstly donating via the fundraising team page (link below), with a minimum donation of £15, or by joining the team and raising your own sponsorships also with an initial minimum donation of £15.

Once you have made the initial donation as your entry fee, please submit the entry form below.

On successful completion of the entry process you will receive a confirmation of your place via email within a couple of days.


If you wish to enter the event but do not wish to donate via the donation page, please submit the entry form and then get in touch: competitions@towcesterarchers.co.uk

When selecting the rounds you would like to shoot, you can shoot as many or as few rounds as you wish. Those wishing to shoot from Dawn til Dusk attempting all 4 rounds, Windsor, Western, National & Warwick. Seniors may shoot below age group rounds but juniors will get priority.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
You must have current active ArcheryGB membership.
Your affiliated club.
Your affiliated county
Left or Right Handed
Please provide the full name and contact telephone number for the person who to contact in the event of an emergency.
Windows Rounds
Sighters at approx 5:30am
Western Round
Sighters at approx 12:30am
National Round
Sighters at approx 15:30am
Warwick Round
Sighters at approx 18:30am
Disability - Staying on the shooting line
Able Bodied Archers - Please tick if you are NOT prepared to collect and score arrows for disabled archers.
Please provide any information that the event organisers should be aware of, including details of any medical conditions, disabilities and disorders. If disabled will you have an assistant/agent etc.
Entry fee paid. Please confirm how you have donated via the NCAS Dawn til Dusk fundraising team page
This will be your name, team name, or reference for your donation.
There is limited space for camping for the night before the event (13th July). The organisers will be in touch to confirm availability.
Disclaimer (Please read description below)
This is an endurance event, and personal injury is possible. I agree that the organisers (NCAS, Towcester Archers) are not responsible should any injury be sustained as a result of taking part in this event. I understand that the organisers highly recommend that I do not attempt to shoot for longer than I am physically able to do so without causing discomfort or injury.
Notes (Please read description below)
The Organisers and Towcestrians Sports Club cannot take any responsibility for injury or any loss from, or damage to any vehicle, equipment or personal possessions however caused. Under whatever circumstances, ALL MISSING arrows must be found. Pure carbon arrows and other arrows likely to cause excessive damage to the boss will not be permitted other than at the organisers’ discretion. Please contact the organiser prior to the shoot if this affects you. Towcestrians Sports Club is a multi-sport facility, and It would be appreciated if you consider other car users and park sensibly in the car park.
Photography (Please read description below)
The provisions within the Archery GB Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adult’s policy, those who wish to take photographs at this event are to register with the Tournament Organiser on arrival. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that unauthorised photography does not take place, Archery GB, the Tournament Organiser and working party cannot be held responsible for breaches of this code. We therefore request that you report any unauthorised photography directly to the Tournament Organisers.
To be completed by the Parent or Legal Guardian of each entry if consent is NOT to be given. 'I certify that the named child or vulnerable adult is NOT to be included in any photographs, videos, or other means of recording their image even if the record is only intended for publicity purposes or promoting the sport of archery. PLEASE PROVIDE THE NAME OF THE ARCHER, AND THEIR ARCHERY GB NUMBER.
Please provide the NAME of the Parent/Guardian, and provide the DATE, to confirm as signed that the above named child or vulnerable adult Is NOT to be included in any photographs, videos, or other means of recording their image.